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    1. Anne says:

      I am I guess technically as close to remission as I can get. Normal disease activity is stiffness and fatigue, and pain in my feet and ankles. I wear out easily and by the end of the week I am a mess.

      Flares… which I get the week before my menstruation begins mean walking becomes difficult, my hands begin to lock up and I get large joint involvement. Every period. Lasts until the bleeding stops. Needless to say there is nothing nicer than cramping in agony all over.

      My only other recent large flare was stress induced finishing my thesis, which lasted 3 months. And one from experimental drug tapering that did not work (although that would just be the regular unmedicated disease).

      Sometimes I get the pain and fatigue in separate rounds.

    2. Anne says:

      Oh…and I am a 2.

    3. Lisa says:

      1 I can’t remember the last time I was not in pain! Inflammation is always present and I just learned that I now have joint damage in my feet and hands. I feel like I’m 90. This disease has altered my life so much….I think I’m living a nightmare!!

    4. Lisa says:

      Here I am lying in a stupid hospital bed in my daughters house at 3:30 in the morning because I can’t sleep because I’m in so much pain. Due to yet another one of my flare up. I really can’t wait until this period of my life is over. What I really wanted to share is I’ve finally got a them to listen to me and I going to be trying do do things my way for approximately 3-4 months I’ve totally detox my body off of everything and almost of all pain meds. NO MORE OF THERE LIFE KILLING DRUGS!!!!!
      I’m 100% trying diet. There is this Dr John Bergman I’m trying what he is saying . I let you know how it works for me. I’m inone of my worst flare ups so we’re starting it this week. Please check him out he also has some videos on YOUTUBE regarding RA.

    5. Kara says:

      #1 for me too. I experience pain every day and mornings are the worst. I’m on my third infusion of Remicade and also taking Plaquenil, Methotrexate and methylpred. I would give anything to ever see remission. My rheumy doctor said it will never happen for I have seropositive RA. I’m happy for any of you who achieve remission. Be thankful for good days and think positive on the not so good days.

    6. Kara says:

      I will be interested to see how change in diet affects your RA. Keep your chin up and try to stay positive…the right treatment for you, and all of us, is out there. We just have to find it. I hope you success in your treatment you are seeking.

    7. Karen says:

      #1 I always have at least a few spots that hurt, lowest pain level is 4, mostly 5 to 6 on pain scale. It is controlled better these days, but if I do any activity it flares up. The fatigue is what kills me, I have to nap every day or the pain gets too much to do anything. I’ve learned to deal with the pain but nothing helps the fatigue.

    8. Becky J Boyer says:

      I have constant pain with my RA, but some days are better than others. One thing that I have discovered is that the level of stress in my life has A LOT to do with the level of pain. If I’ve been under a lot of stress, I may have 2-3 months or more of very bad pain. (It’s been bad for me since before Christmas…)
      The weather also plays a big part. When it’s warm and humid or when a weather system is moving in, I would love to just be put into a medically induced coma to get relief from the excruciating pain that the barometric pressure changes cause. Cold weather, even with snow or rain is the best medicine I have found, but unfortunately, in Texas, we haven’t had much of that in the last couple of years.
      To some degree, I have a headache 99% of the time. At times, it feels like my head is hot….and I usually have some fever and an achy, “fluey” feeling. My hands and feet hurt so bad that I have a really hard time walking or, say, picking up a glass or a book, or hooking a lead rope on my horse’s halter.
      Lately I have more time IN a flare than OUT of one and it’s gotten steadily worse over the last few years. It has drastically changed my life…..

    9. Marla Garlick says:

      I would say mine is the second choice. I don’t have many days that I am pain free in fact I would say just the opposite. I was diagnosed 17 years ago and have been on methotrexate almost from the start. Plaquenil was added about 10 years ago. About 6 years ago I was put on remicade infusions. I could tell a difference on remicade. Almost 2 years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer and my methotrexate, remicade and plaquenil were suspended during my cancer treatments. Going back on these medications,especially the remicade, the effectiveness never was the same. I think my chances of ever feeling like my pre-diagnosis strength and pain level isn’t happening.

    10. Rozie says:

      Im only 2 years in and its been “#1Constant” for the past 10 months, a “good day” is still a bad day!… I’ve been taking Enbrel & MTX for 6+ months now which lessened the frequency of full blown all joint attacks that bring on full tears and prayer (my version of a flare). Exhaustion has been downgraded to constant fatigue and tendonitis has disappeared , BUT joint pain progresses daily. The old, pre- RD me is forever gone.

      Good Luck to Everyone!

    11. Christie says:

      I am seropositive & I have pain, swelling & fatigue 24/7. I also have periods like now where I flare. Then I only sleep 4 hours a night & my pain meds barely help.

    12. I would say I am #1. Diagnosed when I was sero-negative in 2004. Years later the RF antibody finally showed up in my bloodwork. Have tried Enbrel, Humira, Plaquenil with Methotrexate, but due to a severe case of MRSA in 2010 where I became septic, doctors decided it was best not to put me back on any of those drugs. I am now on a daily injection called Kineret and oral medication called Sulfasalazine. It is keeping my RA at bay for the most part, but I don’t sleep, and feel lousy most of the time. I have to be careful not to overdue anything strenuous or it makes my joints flare up. Stress of any kind will throw me into a flare as well. My family doesn’t really understand why I feel like I do, they think I look just fine. They even recommended I see a therapist. My husband is very understanding, however. My girls and their families don’t come over or call anymore. It makes me very sad.

    13. Mary W. says:

      My good days are so rare, that I’m scared to trust it. I have pain everyday, it’s just in a different area of my body. The first time my shoulder froze, I didn’t know what to do, I tried heat and cold, nothing worked, it stopped on it’s own. The pain from my back goes down my right leg, the left leg is not as bad, it’s the toes on that foot, they’re numb and the foot always feels as though it’s on fire, but if you feel it you can’t tell. I have nodules under my left foot, I no longer walk barefoot. I’m nauseated most of the time, and I’ve been getting an itchy feeling everywhere, thank God that doesn’t last long. I don’t know where I’m going on this RA journey, but I wish I had never got on board. Thank for the RA Warriors, I have learned so much about this disease that I didn’t know, and thank you to everyone who shares their journey with us, God bless you all.

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