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6 Responses to “7 Tips on Rheumatoid Arthritis Complications”

    1. Amy says:

      Great article, there are so many “complications” it would take an hour to list them. The one that has affected me most are my eyes. Seven glaucoma surgeries, two glaucoma valves and multiple eye drops everyday. Of course I have mutiple joint pain and am on the usual Xeljanz, Methotrexate, have been through most RD meds, but I have to suggest get your eyes checked every six months. This could save you from permenant blindness which almost happened to me. This disease attacks any vunerable part and the eyes are no exception.

    2. Bobbie says:

      Unfortunately the only person I’ve met with this horrible disease treated me like I was incompetent and was exaggerating my condition. I have a hard time asking for assistance cause everyone makes me feel like I’m lying. My rheumatologist seems to be understanding but I only see him every 3 months. I’m in constant discomfort and my rheumatologist just told me that I’m on all the medications to control my Ra symptoms and they don’t know why there not slowing down the progression of this disease. I have multiple symptoms and I don’t feel comfortable seeking medical care when one of my doctors just tells me to ask my other doctors.

      • Dear Bobbie,
        You are not alone. I have read & had similar experiences with doctors and medications. Try not to get down on yourself – we know you are not exaggerating or incompetent. It is the RD that is extreme, not you.

    3. Tina says:

      I agree it’s so hard to many to list and then u feel overwhelmed when u do try and list them. My voice is going probably because I work on phones 40 hours but one I would never expect. Kelly I am so glad ur posting again. This has been a great source of information.

    4. Myriam says:

      Hi Bobby
      Your story could be mine. There is a lot of misunderstanding with RA patients because in my case yoy do not see the disease. I have a lot of tendons keep hurting and also I am told that I am on all the medications they can give me. As I grow older it get’s harder to keep the RA under control. Lot of people do not understand why you sometimes are grumpy. The pain Wakes up with me and Goes to sleep with me. I battle it every day of the Year. Still I have to go to work and still I have to manage the household. I work in a hospital 4 days a week as I need the 5th day to chill and load my batteries again to start working again on Mondays.

    5. Trish Shaw says:

      This is a great reminder to take yourself, and your disease seriously! I wrote a little bit about why we should not undersell our symptoms here:

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    Comments (6)

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