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6 Responses to “A Spoonful of Sugar from the Lab of Professor Rebecca Bader”

    1. Beth H says:

      What a wonderful story of empowerment! Thanks for sharing!

    2. Leigh says:

      Kelly – 2 great stories!!! First about the continued research for RA meds. I love hearing that – I’m finding myself so exhausted lately. 10 years on Methotrexate and biologics is wearing away at me.

      Terrific second story about Becky’s hip injury, subsequent surgery and recovery!!! Proof positive that you need to not take NO for an answer and continually seek answers.

      I hope you get some of your answers for your RA which seems to be of a more stubborn form than mine.

      Keep up the good work!!! I love all you do.

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    4. Ronda says:

      Thank you Professor Becky for trying to improve the lives of those with RA! I know I sure could use some improvement. I have a grand daughter now, I’m 49 with RA and permanent damage to my joints, especially my left knee and shoulder. This happened before diagnosis. Your story of dragging around for a five years, rang a bell. I limped for 3 yrs until I was diagnosed and treated. I have never liked running, mainly because I have scoliosis, but yet I mourned the fact that I cannot run any longer. I have joked before (kinda), what if a bear was after me? I would be his lunch for sure. I do wish I could run.
      Then I remember those that can’t walk, like my brother, who is a new paraplegic, so I can’t really complain too much.

      Kelly, I am glad you get to meet so many cool people and introduce us to them. I am also glad for the great work you do for all of us with RA. I am also glad that I can be glad like you and Pollyanna 😉 Bless you and Professor Becky.

    5. Camille says:

      This is awesome news. Thanks Professor Bader for your research efforts to help find a cure for RA. You are wonderful. Thanks Kelly for all you do as to bring awareness to this awful disease. How you are to meet all of these people. Thanks for sharing her story with us. You are both and inspiration.

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    The Post

    Comments (6)

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