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    1. Vi says:

      Thanks for sharing! We live vicariously through your great experiences! We’ll look forward to hearing more–this “adventure” is energizing you even more than you usually are–you look so happy, and you’re a perfect spokesperson for all of us!

    2. That would have been a really neat experience! I really need to learn Twitter better, I guess. Thanks for sharing what you have learned with us. That should make for some pretty interesting reading! :)

    3. Kay LeFevre says:

      You look very professional! Can’t wait to hear about the whole experience.

      • You are so sweet! I have one pic where you can see the pillow on my lap – I kept my shoes off & feet up most of the time even when on the front row. I don’t think anyone was bothered by it – it was like “reality check: patient & human being first; writer & advocate second!”

    4. It was great to meet you at the conference. Your presentation on Wednesday morning was great. I look forward to running into you at more SMHN events.


    5. Aimee says:

      GOOOOO Kelly! You are awesome!

      • Thanks, Aimee. A lot of help made it possible which was obvious, but I think I’ll read this again since it makes me so happy to remember our first Mayo meeting w/ the social media advisory board.

    6. m says:

      In order to get an appointment at the Mayo the second time they needed 3 months, even if l had seen a RA doctor previously. I of course needed help much sooner. I was very disappointed.

    7. Dana Cargill says:

      In the past, I traveled frequently for work. I purchased 2 of many things & left them in my suitcase so it was already about half packed. Included in my necessities was a heating pad, an extension cord. I began including a flashlight after being in a power outage. I was usually alone so each night, I laid out some sweats & shoes. I made sure my purse had a room key in it & was easy to locate. I began that routine after a late night fire alarm.

    The Post

    Comments (11)

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