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8 Responses to “Arthritis Prescreening Like Minority Report”

    1. Jan says:

      I think most if not all research is for a medicine to help. I do not know of any research being done looking for a cure. If you know of any please correct me.

    2. Catherine says:

      I feel very strongly about this issue too because I have a son – I mentioned this to my Rheumy who expressed that his chances are good because he is of course a male. However men do have this disease so I shall be vigilant.
      In my own situation I experienced awful pain in my knees as my first symptom which my wonderful GP picked up on and ordered blood work. I was positive for RF and ANA from this I was referred to a series of Rheumatologists who were frankly horrible. Fortunately I found my current Dr who is truly wonderful. He listens – and is working hard to find the right meds for me.
      What though if I had not tested postive??? Would I have fell through the cracks?
      Would I have suffered joint damage and erosion for not being treated on time?
      I still have a reduced mobility largely due to fatigue, stiffness and joint pain. It could be so much worse if I hadn’t had the good fortune of a GP who listened to my complaints of painful knees on waking and difficulty walking in the am.
      Surely families where the risk of auto immune diseases are higher than the average population should be tested? Cancer screenings are viewed as important so why not. My own sisters have Lupus and thyroid problems.

      • Catherine,
        Im so glad you persevered until you found a better doc. I just replied to someone else about that the other day. It’s so hard, but it’s what we have to do.
        Our pediatrician was good to listen to symptoms and run labs for my child. I feel the same as you said “vigilant “

    3. Catherine says:

      Well Kelly one of the rubbish Rheumatologists sneered at me. Fortunately my husband was with me and made sure I reported this to my GP who then sent me to the wonderful Rheumatoligist I see now. I probably would have believed the rubbish Dr and given up for awhile!

    4. Edie Luther says:

      I “knew” I had RA and had a grandmother with severe RA. The doctor I went to at the time, let me suffer with swollen hands for a long time (about 2 months) before I got a rheumatologist referral. I did not know to get a second opinion. I am doing well now after 2 knee replacements, and biological drugs but wish so much I had an early diagnosis.

    5. Shannon says:

      I share your concerns. I have strong autoimmune disease family history, and I have RD/Lupus overlap. I also have a daughter. I test negative for the RA factor, but I have tested positive for anti-CCP in the past. Strangely, my recent anti-CCP was negative, despite visible inflammation. This disease is frustrating and mind-boggling when comparing lab results with symptoms! Actually, if you were to look at this month’s labs, I would be cured! No CRP, ESR, etc, etc. Ha! Yet I score in the high-moderate range of the Vectra-DA.

      • thank you for sharing Shannon. It helps future readers for years to come.
        Also, I learned the hard way labs can make mistakes – once I got a negative ccp lab & my doc knew it was wrong – it’s always as high as the lab estimate goes. So we re-did the test 2 wks later at a different lab company – and it was as always, as high as their lab counts. So that negative one was just done incorrectly – many opportunities for human error in the process actually. So next time yours could be positive.

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    Comments (8)

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