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    1. marykhris says:

      great wordpicture about music! good post! lov u momma. : )

    2. Some other suggestions are:

      Eat a chili pepper, some people say eating spicy food is addictive. It is probably the rush they get from having it on your tongue. It is a endorphin rush mainly to reduce pain but it is a way to release endorphins. The hotter the pepper the more the endorphin rush.

      It might sound silly but, think positive thoughts, it is just like how people feel better even from a placebo.
      “When people take a placebo and they believe something’s helpful, it often works,” says Joel Fuhrman, MD, family physician and author of author of books including Eat for Health and Eat to Live. That’s a direct result of the power of positive thinking, which can release endorphins that may actually ease pain even if a medication is physically ineffective according to Dr. Fuhrman. He also HIGHLY recommends orgasms. He says that they are the best and most effective endorphin rush.

      Additionally enforphin rushes can be obtained from scary movies or other fear, art, music, theatre, accupuncture, chiropractic services (which are NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THOSE WITH AS according to the Arthritis Association), soak up some sunshine and laugh even if it is at nothing or laughing at yourself.

      Remember: THINK POSITIVE

    3. The suggestion I have will not only help you release endorphins but also help your spouse in the process:) ****sharing physical intimacy, which in turn helps promote better emotional intimacy. Of course, this takes planning and a day where one is not flaring too badly. Sometimes it takes imagination and always,an understanding significant other with good communication between the two of you. A sense of humor is essential too!

    4. Jamilla Camel says:

      My Mantra: I will not let myself be defined by a disease process!

    5. TessaD762 says:


      Over the weekend I learned about Laughter Yoga and it was a blast…. just a suggestion for your list… I will be in touch about IAAM and Bucklemeupmovent!!

      Chat with you Soon!!

    6. Nancy Nemecheck says:

      This blog is like an oasis in a dry land. It is where I feel understood, not judged, and where I am lifted up by others who are going through the same thing.
      I feel guilty alot because I cannot participate in life as much as I would like to and be a support to my family instead of having to be supported. And I do look forward to heaven where there will be no pain and where I will be totally known and understood. Prayer and meditation is the best pain medicine for me. God bless you all.

    7. Jackie says:

      Hi Kelly. I wrote a similar blog entry this week over at

      It’s nice to hear that many of us use these strategies!

    8. Betty says:

      Kelly, I have to confess that I use your site and FB page instead of a counselor. I think that the support and empathy I get there helps tremendously! I also do Yoga Nidra. Which is basically a fancy name for progressive relaxion. It helps get the “kinks” out and relaxes sore muscles at the end of the day.
      Thank you so much for your site and FB page. I’m sure they are lifesavers for alot of us.
      God Bless.

      • Betty, I’ve been to counselors and I have to say that I also get more help from others with RA! I can’t do yoga but I do a lot of deep breathing. It helps increase my pain tolerance.

    9. Beth H says:

      I work nights and live in a very rainy area. So, when I see that sun I run for it (well, OK saunter) and absorb as much as I can. I also have favorite parks to go to when the weather cooperates. I like to watch a good silly show too when I can’t get out. And art is a very good way to soothe the soul. Either by going to a museum or making it. No one has to judge what you may paint or draw or photograph, its for you. God bless.

    10. Kelly, This is a great post. Actually, this goes even beyond RA. I think everyone ought to read this post! Thank you. I get so much encouragement from your site. So much.

    11. naomy says:

      anyone else every been in to much pain to get off the couch and go to the kitchen for an asprin {nobody right}? When you do get there the first thing that runs through your mind as you try to open the child proof cap is
      ” I could just take 40 of them and things would feel better I’m sure” the only thing that stops you is your second thought, the one of a sweet 10 year old child playing in his room upstairs. Their laughter helps too. Naomy,44 years old ,Sero Neg JRA.

    12. Karen DeFour says:

      So true, being sad and feeling depressed takes waaaaaay to much effort. Write down how you feel, tell a loved one ” I hurt so much today” then leave it there… Smile, kiss your pet or your love one, smile and do your best to enjoy your life. Smiles are contagious.

    13. Deb says:

      I have truly enjoyed this site and your responses. However, not only do I have RA, I also have fibromyalgia, degenerative discs, bulging disc and 5 tarlov cysts on my lower spine. Look up tarlov cysts to understand them. It’s a rare disease. The severe pain I suffer 24/7 is overwhelming. I am a Christian but confused why God would let me suffer so cruelly these past 21 years. I feel so depressed and nowhere and no one to turn to who truly knows RA.

    14. Deb says:

      Nancy, wow, you spoke things that are exactly how I feel! Thank you! I too, feel so bad all the time about not being to help and support my family. I always wanted to support my parents as they grow old but instead my 90 yr old mom takes care of me. I also look forward to heaven where there no pain or suffering. I’ve been a Christian all my life and I don’t understand why The Lord leaves me suffering. I kind if feel deserted. I’m so totally depressed

    15. Helen says:

      Hi all! I pray that each of you is having a good day. I was diagnosed with RA in 08. Since then I refused to accept that I would only get worse. My mom had RA and I would fight to not end up as physically affected as she was. I read and read and found a diet that drastically reduced my symptoms. I am gluten free, low dairy, and low sugar. My hope is to share this success with everyone who has RA so they can have relief as well.
      I was on shots of Enbrel and had so much success with the diet that I over two years weaned off.
      Now only on 5 ml. of prednisone.
      If I cheat too much then the swelling and pain return quickly.
      I’m also hypothyroid FYI. Also had horrible sjogrens symptoms and stomach acid now gone with diet. Best to each of you sweet people.

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