In some ways RA Warrior (RAW) and the #rheum community that grew from it have been like family to me and to one another. Many lasting and close friendships have developed as we’ve shared information, understanding, laughter, tears, and hope. It has been sad for me to miss all of you, as I’ve been away from RAW.

I need to share with you an extremely difficult situation.

Kelly_and_Roo-smFor about a year and a half, I’ve lived with two of my children in our friends’ home, very concerned for my little boy. He has been doing better with lots of assistance. Working with him has been taking most of my time. My own multiplying health issues, including progressing rheumatoid disease and a nearly lifelong battle with thyroid disease, have also made it very difficult to work on the website. But honestly, I’ve also been afraid to speak. I’m just beginning to grasp what loved ones tell me: “This is your life. You need to be yourself, and live it.” Fear has affected me for so long. Too long.

There is obviously more I can’t yet say. I can tell you that we’ve been blessed by tremendous kindness and generosity from friends, family, and church through a very long ordeal. Please read my uncle’s statement below.

It is more blessed to give than to receive

It sure is! In my life, I’ve enjoyed helping others, and have often been so blessed to be able to do that. On the other hand, asking for help has always been unpleasant for me – and we’ve discussed that as an issue for many of us living with rheum disease. Right now, I’m openly asking for your help, all embarrassment aside. If you or a loved one has been helped by RAW, maybe you can email this link to your friends and family members, asking them to help; or spread the word on Facebook by sharing & liking & reposting; or tweet this link on Twitter asking your followers to retweet; or give whatever you can. Can you help us in our vulnerable situation?


Dear RA Warrior friends, fans, & family,

Within the context of family history, my niece and her brother have always held a special place in my heart. Last year, I learned that Kelly had fled from her own home with two children, finding safe haven in the home of dear friends. A few weeks later while travelling to visit, appalled at the long and problematic history, I went quietly about verifying the backstory. Within a few days, I knew that she had exercised the only remaining option for ensuring the safety and well-being of her youngest child.

In late summer 2015 (at the worst possible time), her attorney suddenly advised all clients that this law firm was dissolving! Facing live court events in September, with no sense of civility or patience from the opposing attorney, Kelly had to appear before the judge alone, and made a successful argument for sufficient time to engage a new lawyer.

Behind the scenes, while searching full-time for several weeks, through phone interviews, many inquiries, and digging for references, we identified an experienced family law firm. Scraping together nickels, dimes, and a few miracles, Kelly was able to retain an experienced and compassionate attorney. Although, with case-management in shambles, and serious downside risk for her son, while Kelly’s new attorney has already demonstrated considerable expertise, many-many hours of legal work are yet required, and the end is not yet in sight.

To get to the heart of the matter, our family needs your help. Kelly and Roo will continue to need sufficient assistance to keep the law firm engaged, retain expert witnesses, and pursue ongoing investigations. I have undertaken the management of beneficiary fundraising for Kelly and Roo (GoFundMe). We are all continuing in prayer for a just outcome, and release of financial provisions. This is the first time any of us have deployed this internet mechanism known as “crowd-funding”, yet this I know: this is what “family” has always done for one another.

During my life’s journey of faith and ministry, I have learned firsthand that God’s promises reassure us all:

WHEN our blessings are sown with kindness and generosity to meet the needs of others…
….THEN these blessings are multiplied, bearing fruit, and returned many times over.

Therefore, I am humbly and respectfully asking of you to take three simple steps:

1) PLEASE PRAY: for Kelly and Roo every day.
This legal contest is ALL ABOUT keeping a great kid safe!

2) PLEASE GIVE: Kelly and Roo need a “money storm”— a “$10 TORNADO” — even $10 will help…! CLICK THE LINK: as you consider assisting our family.

3) PLEASE PASS IT ALONG: Will you refer this need within your own circle of influence?

Help us tell the story, and circulate the GoFundMe LINK!
Permit me to express our family’s gratitude for your time and generosity.

May God continue to bless you and yours,

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