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    1. Shannon Trevizo says:

      I hat unpadded chairs int he wait room.. this kills our bones…

    2. Bonnie Knight says:

      Hate: The lab tech who finds the vein after looking for forty forevers, declares that I am dehydrated, does not offer water, sticks me there anyway and blows the vein – leaving a huge blue spot on my inner arm. Then he begins the search for another “good” vein – “how about the hand”, I say, “I see some big ones right there.” “Oh, you’re right – I can get that easily.” Tiny butterfly needle – and he still hurts me like crazy. Why is that?
      Love: The other lab tech who always finds the vein the first time and I never feel it much at all. Thank you!
      Hate: Sign on the window that says the doctor is running 60 minutes behind and it’s 4 o’clock. The office closes at 5 and there are only 2 other people in the waiting room. I ask the new receptionist if the Dr. is still running 60 minutes behind. I am told – she’ll have to ask his nurse. Even though it it obvious that there are very few people left to see, and they may be seeing one of the other Drs., not mine, she cannot tell me if the 60 minute wait is still in effect. So I ask again and mention that there are only 2 other people out there. And again she tells me she’ll have to ask the Drs. nurse. I prefer a receptionist with brains that can work well and help her think for herself at such a time.
      Love: When I check in, the receptionist greets me with a smile, remembers me, and does not ask me the same questions that are already answered in the computer program she is looking at. We have been doing this for 4 years now, they really ought to know these things and some do. I love them.

    3. Kay says:

      I hate when you rush in for your appt., ask them where the bathroom is because you’ve put it off for too long getting there, and then after you use it they say “here’s a cup, pee into it for a sample please” Why can’t they tell you before?

    4. Jennifer says:

      I love this! My additions – I was just here 3 months ago and nothing’s changed, can’t that be sufficient? Or do I really have to go over my info bit by bit again? AND, “No, my elbows really don’t straighten all the way. Why don’t you believe me? I’m not trying to be a difficult patient. Please just use the back of my hand for bloodwork, and believe me when I tell you I am relaxed for my BP check, even though my elbow is bent.” LOL

      • Wonder why that is?? Why don’t they believe? Who would lie about that? Why assume we are just being difficult? I cannot understand this culture in healthcare of no benefit of the doubt for the patient.

    5. Crackedbetty says:

      Love: doctors and technicians who take their time to provide appropriate cre
      Hate: the oh-so-obvious roll of the eyes when you ask a challenging question
      Love: doctors who see you as a human being rather than a clinical specimen and numbers and who explore all the options to investigate what you’re presenting with.

      • Betty, I was writing about the eye-roll the other day too. Do they think we don’t notice? Do people think it’s acceptable? It’s actually rude and insulting. But we have to “act” like we don’t notice it.

    6. Turtlemom says:

      LOVE: my rheum doc who has a great sense of humor!
      LOVE: that the lab vampire comes into the room to draw blood instead of my having to go to the lab
      LOVE: that the lab vampire is so good she can hit the vein first try every time!
      HATE: redundant questions
      LOVE: receptionist who smiles and is nice
      LOVE: that my rheum doc SINGS as he walks down the hall!
      HATE: getting teary when I talk about my Mom – but
      LOVE: that my rheum doc will hand me a tissue and hold my hand while I get myself together

      I’m gonna pingback this post!

    7. mlillich says:

      Love- my doctors staff knows my name and knows i drive almost 2 hours to get there and are understanding when i am a few min late
      Love – doctors and nurses witha sence of humor so when i make a joke (which I do often) they laugh instead of just starign at me

      Hate- doctors that think they are god and talk down to you
      Hate- doctors that say your RA factor is neg. so it must all be in your head.

    8. Lora Floyd says:

      Number 7 hit home with me. During my initial visit to the ER because of the pain I was having in the top of my left wrist led me to think that this was different from the pain I was experiencing from carpal tunnel and maybe it was an indication of something serious, the triage nurse insisted that all I had was carpal tunnel even though I had suffered with it for 5 years and she had never had it. She even went so far as to search me out later in my exam room to say “I told you so” after the ER Dr. gave me a tentative diagnosis of tendonitis. Needless to say 3 months and many blood tests later it wasn’t carpal tunnel or tendonitis. It was our old nemesis RA. Oh how I long to find that nurse and wag my bumpy, bent finger at her and her audacity…..if only I could.

      • Y’know what I hate? How MANY people have told me similar stories. Why would they want to minimize our symptoms & prove us wrong? What victory is there to “win’?

    9. Trill says:

      Love: comfy chairs in waiting rooms at rheumatologists and orthos. hello?
      Hate: wooden chairs in waiting rooms at rheumatologists and orthos. helllllo?

      Love: comfy head pads for an mri
      Hate: hard plastic to rest my elbows against during mris. need the head pads for my elbows, yes.

      those are the only 2 i could think of today.

    10. Trill says:

      ohh, didn’t see yours shannon. yes, that’s a huge pet peeve of mine. it’s actually more than a pet peeve and i love it when i get to fill out surveys so i can type in all caps about uncomfy chairs. you’d think doctors would think about that, i mean, they went to school for years and stuff. helllllllllo?

    11. Rositta says:

      Yesterday I got a Prednisone injection in my Bursae by a really old doctor. He could barely walk, had trouble loading the needle and I was terrified. All for naught as it was probably the best injection ever. I didn’t even feel it. Now I’m hoping the stuff performs it’s magic and let’s me walk painfree for a while…ciao

    12. Cat says:

      LOVE: ER nurses who lower the bed without asking.
      HATE: Nurses who won’t help you tie your gown because they don’t think you really need help. (I’ve been wondering if it’s just because I’m young. Would they have the same reaction if an 80-year-old asked for help?)

      LOVE: Nurses/Doctors/Orderlies etc. who notice you walk slower than they do and slow down to chat with you.
      HATE: Receptionists who roll their eyes when they see you coming. (Who cares if I was here three days ago because my lungs are inflammed? I can’t breathe *again* today so shouldn’t I seek health care for it every time it happens?)

    13. Aline says:

      Hate: the pain scale – It’s meaningless. How can say what number my pain is when it changes several times throughout the day??

      Hate: waiting and waiting and waiting in a tiny exam room. Do they really expect me to be in a good mood after sitting there for 30 nminutes?

      Love: the fact that I’m blessed enough to have time and resources to even go to doctors. I realize every day that there are women who have pain way worse then mine who are juggling full time jobs plus kids plus a whole lot more. Despite not being able to move my hands very well, despite not being able to walk the dog for more than ten minutes, despite the mysterious gastro-intestinal problems that plague me all day every day, I’m a lucky girl.

    14. Lisa in KC says:

      LOVE: Doctors who really read all the current research and aren’t afraid to apply it appropriately
      HATE: Doctors and nurses who blame you for your disease
      LOVE: The other patients I meet during my infusions
      HATE: When they jiggle the IV needle in my arm to get the meds “flowing better.” Ow
      LOVE: When my friends offer to bring over meals or take my kids places without me having to ask
      HATE: When people say “But you look great!” Who cares, I feel like I got hit by a bus.

    15. Ms. M says:

      LOVE: not having to change into a gown for my exam
      HATE: having to climb up onto the table for the exam
      LOVE: a nurse who chit chats with me and is friendly
      HATE: nurse who rushes to take me to a room, and doesn’t slow down for me (you are in a rheumatologists office for Pete’s sake!)
      LOVE: not feeling rushed while talking to the dr.
      HATE: filling out redundant forms the dr. never looks at.

    16. vicky says:

      I hate that my Rheumatologist gets angry with me because I won’t take his drugs

      I love the Rheumatology Specialist Nurse who really listens and who sent a referral for me to see an occupational therapist and a podiatrist

      I hate huge heavy doors I have to open using my back

      I love disability parking spaces next to the door

    17. Rebecca Richard says:

      I had the “squeezy ball discussion” with the lab tech last week. She said squeeze this ball hard please,I said ” i guess you forgot I have RA, and today I cannot squeeze this ball” She said you must, I said I can’t, she finally looked at my big veins and said “I guess i could try” success. This week with this flare I’m in, squeezing that ball compares to lifting a car. This week I really hate RA.

    18. Rebecca Richard says:

      OH yea, I love my Rheumatologist, she understands, cares, spends all the time needed, talks everything through, helps me figure out how to do what has to be done with no insurance and no income. She has a heart of gold and was truly sent by God.

    19. Takescourage says:

      Love: MDs who have someone tell you they are running late and how long it might be

      Hate: offices that let you sir for 30-69-90min. It’s incredibly painful for me to sit down for more than a couple minutes. Let alone not knowing if I’ll ever get out of there

      Love love love: my hip surgeon’s office would call me in advance if they were running late. They let me know if I had an extra 30 minutes to an hour before I should be there.

      Hate: 24 hour news/political channels in the waiting room. HGTV, Weather, food network, DIY, test pattern – anything but

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