Do You Have Strange RA Symptoms?

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What are the strangest symptoms you’ve had since the RA onset that you think are related to the rheumatoid arthritis / disease?

Cocoa fire truck - strange RA symptoms postFor some, strange RA symptoms like fevers, weight loss, and laryngitis turn out to be perfectly accepted historical symptoms of RA that patients just aren’t told about. However, sometimes people ask about unusual symptoms that I haven’t experienced or read about. So I have to tell them I’m sorry and I don’t know.

I wonder if we look at them together whether we might find common themes.


Some of my strange RA symptoms:

  1. Swollen tonsils or lymph glands on one side or the other
  2. Periodic symmetrical rashes on arms or palms
  3. Brief painful electric shock-like sensations

What strange symptoms have you experienced related to RA?

UPDATE: Hundreds of patients have shared strange RA symptoms on the comments pages including fevers, eye problems, rashes, vasculitis, tight tendons, laryngitis, weight loss, rib pain, and many more. You can share your strange symptoms and read through the pages to see if anyone shares your symptoms.

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