Encouragement: with a Little Help from My Friends

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burnt out candlesDon’t you want me to help you with that? No. I want to be able to do it myself.

I can do that for you. I know you can, I wish I could.

Is there anything I can do? No, I want to feel like I can do something.

Do you have any problem asking for help? Or accepting help? I only have two problems with it:

1) Accepting Help:

  I don’t want to be the sick friend. I’d rather be the person who helps sick friends.

2) Asking for help:

 Few people are willing to help. I’m afraid I ask the same people over & over, usually my kids.

One more kind of help: Encouragement

There’s one kind of help that’s easy to accept and can transform a situation: Encouragement. There is never too much of it. And I’ve never said, “No thanks, I’d rather encourage myself.”

It’s difficult to describe the amount of encouragement I get from knowing other people with RA. Just knowing that they are going through the same things helps me to hang on. It helps me smile and sigh and accept my situation as “normal” for someone with RA.

By the way, when it comes to encouragement, it’s still a two way street. Sometimes, I still get to be the one who helps a friend. I might not always be able to make soup any more, but I can encourage.

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