FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee Hearing for Pfizer’s RA JAK: Tofacitinb

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Kelly & Katie Beth by White House

Advisory Committee hearing feed link

My daughter Katie Beth and I are in Washington, DC for the final FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee (AAC) hearing about Pfizer’s JAK, tofacitinib. Early in the morning, Katie Beth and I will be en route to the meeting.

The AAC meeting will be broadcast online with a live feed. We’ve been told I may speak between 12:30 and 2 pm EDT, depending on how long the morning session takes. Here is the link that should lead to the feed. (Thanks for getting it for me, Angie.)

My time will be limited to five minutes. So I feel like I’ve condensed six years of experience and my whole 650 page website into 1.5 typed pages. As my sons say, “Dude. Really?”


Sweetness in between pain

Kelly by Washington MonumentThis afternoon, when it stopped raining we decided to walk down to the White House and take some pictures for Roo. It’s the one souvenir he really wants – the photos. (I still bought him something else, of course.) We made it there, and got some tourist photos. But getting back was seriously tough. I sat on every bench we passed, but there are no words for how bad my feet and hips and back hurt… Those of you who know don’t need to hear more.

Anyway, we somehow made it back for more meds. I’m sitting on the bed now with hot tea and piles of pillows. Feeling better except for the cramping of my feet which are still quite angry. Since I grew up in the DC area, the sweet smell of the spring trees adds a deep contentment. And I was so glad to have made it down there! This seems amplified if one has RA, but that’s life isn’t it? A lot of pain, with sweetness in between.

We’ll fly home Thursday and Katie Beth’s graduation from community college is that afternoon. This will be extra sweet since we didn’t hold a graduation from high school (homeschool)! It will be tight timing, but what kid going to pharmacy school would pass up an FDA hearing?

It has been tough, but we also can know we’re supposed to be here. Yesterday, we were assigned middle seats at the back of the plane – on separate rows and no one wanted to move so I could have Katie Beth with me. Where we finally ended up, the woman next to me just happened to work at the FDA and prayed for me to be well and for success of RA research! We even got to see a couple of special friends while we’re here. Watch for the sweetness. Even if it’s between the pain.

Kelly by White House

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