Life of a Professional Patient, Blog #5; Little Victories

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Lately I wish each day were 3 days long.

back injections for nerve blockAfter a morning of correspondence, blog replies, Algebra, English, and Greek lessons, I went in for my latest back injections. The kids were frustrated because I wouldn’t eat lunch. My stomach was too nervous to eat.

Last week, I wrote about the spine procedure I was having done today, if you’d like to know more.

My daughter drove me up to the door. I put on my fuzziest socks from my sweet friend Karaleigh. Still, my teeth were chattering.  Why are these places so frosty?

How did the back injections go?

It went well. The medical assistants physically positioned me a couple times and that hurt. I know I’ve told them I have RA, but I don’t think they have any idea what that means. One of them gave me a shower cap, saying, “We use these in case we get some betadine on your hair, although it’s the same color your hair is anyway.”

The nerve block injections in my cervical spine (C-4 and C-5) were more painful than the ones in the thoracic spine (T-3 and T-4). But who knows why. It was over pretty quickly. I was actually excited afterwards. It was an important diagnostic step with my back and I was glad the doc and I agreed about it. Victory!

Don’t you hate wasting time?

We stopped at a couple of office printing shops to try to order new business cards for the ACR Meetings next month. Test runs of the cards looked horrible. The boys needed to get to football practice so we transported them before trying another printing store.

After about 90 minutes of wrangling, we had some excellent samples. Then, the girl said to me, “My mom has this. RA.” She printed the business cards on the spot. It took her only 5 minutes. A second victory of the day!

I gave her one of the cards for her mother. She told me that her mom has given up on RA treatments since she did not get any better. She described her mom’s hands.

I told her that RA could attack more than her hands – that RA might even attack her heart. She was visibly disturbed. It made me wonder if I’d said too much. I told her I’d pray for her mom by name.

I thought about the RA Awareness campaign we’ve been discussing over the last week. How many of us who live with RA need to know more ourselves? I remember how shocked I was when I learned online about the idea of Rheumatoid Arthritis flares. Ironcially, now sometimes other patients don’t believe me when I say that I don’t have them – or I only have 1 that won’t end – or whatever is right.

We raced back to pick up my football players waiting in the dark. There was no time to get a milkshake for my little Roo with a fever.  He had to settle for Advil. Two out of three victories ain’t bad, but I’ll make it up to him.

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