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    1. Wow! I just knew these tips. Because When i want latte, i just made the original one.

    2. I’m sorry you are in so much pain. It’s hard making lemonade all the time, we have to allow ourselves a good cry every once in awhile to copw with the situation so we can move on.

      My teenager told me once when I was down and on the verge of tears, that I was a Marine and one of the toughest people he knew. He told me he couldn’t believe how much I did for our family through the pain he knows I have. Well that started the tears but for a different reason. Since then I made it my goal to Be the Marine that he thinks I am. I still put on a brave face but I also let my family know when I’m hurting too much and my boys respond with excellent cuddling skilla ?

    3. Catherine says:

      I think you are the strongest person I have ever met. Your obstacles are huge not only with severe RD but in your personal life too. You give so much to all of us – it’s unfathomable – it truly is. I do so hope your Dr can find a medicine to ease your pain and halt this horrible disease. When I read your experience I feel ashamed of my own RA related lemons.

      • hi Catherine,
        that is certainly not my intent. you should be proud of all you can do with this evil disease hanging on. even smiling through pain is doing something at times we can’t do a lot more.

    4. Karen Stidham says:

      Bulls eye! I believe this is the most accurate description of dealing with RD I’ve ever heard. Trying to be strong and determined to make that lemonade out of the lemons that are this disease and not really liking lemonade or wanting it. You sure can’t give it away! I wonder if others are curious why I keep making all this lemonade? Probably not!

    5. Tiffani says:

      You put into words how I have felt for the last 10 years. Some days I just don’t want to drink the lemonade. ❤

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    Comments (7)

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