My Birthday Cards to Make You Smile

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DunkinDonuts RA signBy the time I go to sleep it will be my birthday. It is a strange occasion. Just about five years ago, my whole life changed when occasional RA flares became a full-blown disease.

  • Like many of you: not very many people in my life knew what Rheumatoid Arthritis is. Most of them still don’t.
  • I’ve tried at least as many new medicines as I have bent fingers. And my RA is only more stubborn now.
  • I’ve learned more reading on my little laptop than I did in six years of college. Hey, I worked my way through.
  • This website has grown to about 450 pages so that even I have to use the search button sometimes!
  • Like most of you, I miss my old life. Especially since Roo has only seen me sick. He sometimes tells me that he doubts I can do something because I’m too sick. Ouch.

TV psa for RA

Walmart RA cure sign

Can a person have a birthday resolution?


There is so much planned for the coming year. But I have one resolution: to learn to make it easier on myself. I don’t know how, but I’m going to try anyway.

Why do I usually do everything the hard way? I don’t know, but every little strip of code and every sign and image on this site was created in my laptop. The new wallpaper on the website is actually a photograph of fall leaves I shot in Atlanta last November, twisted and turned until it resembled my grandmother’s wallpaper.

At first, I used the freeware Paint Dot Net. Then eventually, I invested in a professional Corel program. Tonight I had some fun using free image generator websites. I had no idea these existed. I hope one of the signs makes you smile. These sites even have fortune cookies! Did anyone even know that my New Year’s fortune cookies were homemade?

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