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25 Responses to “New Greece Shoe Policy for Diabetics Favors Amputation”

    1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter: Rest in peace SHOES & Feet for Greek #diabetes patients: […]

    2. Kay says:

      Everyone on that board who decided they should lose that grant for shoes needs to have their feet amputated. Yeah I said it, and I’d gladly wield the axe.

    3. Researcher and RA patient says:

      Shocking! Utterly shocking! I pray that this action in Greece is not foretelling of our own fate with the new healthcare bill.

    4. Turtlemom says:

      I’m afraid I think this may happen here, eventually.
      Now, isn’t that a cheery thought?

    5. At first I felt like we must band together as those with autoimmune diseases. Then I thought, no – we must band together as human beings!

      • Nancy Bauer says:

        Sounds suspiciously of part of the new health care bill and the death panels, first they make the drugs impossible to get due to cost, then enventually make care impossible to get cause your either too costly or too old…scary it can happen here if we don’t keep on top of what is going on. :razzmad: This is simply outrageous! Thanks for keeping us posted Kelly!

        • O I hope not! But we should all be aware & watching to see what they do & what the bills say. We shouldn’t let this happen here – either by government or private insurance. We need thorough reform that respects the value of life & patient’s rights.

    6. Flowerluver says:

      That is wrong on so many levels!

    7. Mel says:


      This is totally off topic but I just read that there’s A RECALL on INJECTABLE METHOTREXATE (some lots/vials) due to glass being found in the vials. Below is a link for the Arthritis Foundation with more details.

      It appears that the Company is in the process of notifying the appropriate people of the recall but in the mean time I wanted to send to you to get the word out… this is extremely dangerous and potentially DEADLY!

      Here is part of what the article says regarding the recall:
      Sandoz, the generic pharmaceuticals division of Novartis in Princeton, N.J., is one of several suppliers of generic methotrexate. The company is voluntarily recalling all of its 50mg/2mL and 250mg/10mL vials of injectable methotrexate that are part of the Sandoz and Parenta brands and have expiration dates ranging from December 2010 to March 2012.
      “Sandoz is initiating this voluntary recall of all 24 lots of the affected product following the finding of small glass flakes by Sandoz quality control in a limited number of vials in four lots,” the company explained in a press release.
      The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has been notified of the recall. The company is also alerting retailers, wholesalers, pharmacies, doctors and patients. The company says people should stop using the methotrexate they have immediately if it’s part of the affected lots. You can find the affected lot numbers on the Sandoz U.S. website and for more information, visit

      Many Blessings,

    8. Dee Maxwell says:

      This is terrible. What is the next step? Not providing them insulin because they are going to die anyway, might as well get it over with? This is what frightens me about a national health care system. I do not want some faceless politician choosing the fate of my health care and future! Lets face it!

    9. Rachel TenBruggencate says:

      The people have caused such an uproar, resulting in the shoe company (I believe, possibly the insurance co.) to now provide shoes to the people who need them. Citizens/patients can make a difference.
      Before I had read the article I thought, why can’t the cost of shoes be deducted from the amputation bill if/and when an amputation is needed? Give the patients an option instead of slamming the door on it.

      • Thanks, Rachel. I do hope that some one steps up for the patients. I did read some background & the shoe price had been greatly inflated due to the fact it was covered under national healthccare. The shoes could have been sold far more cheaply if it were w/out corruption.
        You’re right – citizens need to put their foot down, so to speak, on matters.

        • Rachel TenBruggencate says:

          It is the fact that “they” changed a policy because of the people’s response that I liked. I would say Greece is a bit jumpy about mass demonstration. You don’t need to post this. Just sharing a quick thought!

    10. MaryK says:

      And yet another reason why I don’t think socalized healthcare is the way to go. Speaking as a diabetic with feet (so far.)

    11. I’m not sure if it is still the case in the US or not, but Medicare would pay for grafts for diabetics with foot wounds, but would NOT pay for a walking cast. Without the walking cast, the graft would often not work and amputation was the end result. Which of course, Medicare would pay for.

    12. kgapo says:

      Well, this was the verdict of one IKA employee,which when the matter came in the mass media, was immediately withdrawn by the Ministry of Health. So now, diabetics can order shoes.

    13. Edgerson says:

      What’s Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It positively helpful and it has helped me out loads.

    14. steve brown says:

      Being type two and on methotrexate (pa),I think that the little **** on the plane need a good hiding and im not anti British as I am one.

    15. steve brown says:

      Sorry should say Needs

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