News Flare! 1st Rituxan Infusion! WebMD Award! and More!

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First Rituxan infusion

Momma n Roo 2011Monday, I spent 8 hours with an IV for my first Rituxan infusion. It took a longer time for various reasons, but it seems I did fine. So far my only noticeable side effect has been a fierce headache. Still.

It’s difficult to describe how grateful I am for those who sat with me or stood with me in prayer that day. It meant a lot. It was the first time I was truly afraid of a treatment, but I had made the decision and I went through with it.

Here’s hoping my RA is halted by the loss of B cells!

Winning the WebMD Health Heroes award

This was posted on my Facebook page late last night:

Dear fans of RAWarrior,
I’m so pleased to tell you that WebMD the Magazine has chosen your nominee, Kelly Young, as one of our 2011 Health Heroes. We are very excited to feature her — her story is incredibly inspiring.
Our Health Heroes feature will be running in the November-December issue of the magazine (available in doctors’ offices the first week of November), as well as on (also first week of November, at

More info as it becomes available. My prize will be donated to the RPF. Thank you, WebMD!

ePatient Connections talk in Philadelphia

In addition to the headache, there’s another reason why there are so many blog posts that are trapped in my laptop and can’t seem to get onto the website. I’m “busy” trying to do all I can to go speak at this important ePatient conference during the week between the two Rituxan infusions. (Rituxan is always a two stage deal so that no B cells can sneak away.)

RPF’s Website Photos

Behind the scenes, the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation is progressing! The primary goal is to get the website functioning so we can make it possible for everyone to get involved and start accomplishing our goals. There are volunteers and a Board of Directors who are working hard to make this happen ASAP.

Right now, we are looking for great photos. Suggestions: Smiles. Hugs. People outdoors in the glory of nature. Un-cropped. High definition images.

If you have any great photos that you’d like to donate, you can email them to me

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