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    1. Kathryne Young says:

      What we need are pain medication that are specific for different types of pain with less side effects. Same as prednisone, opiods were a great discovery, but due to side effects they should be used as a model to build better things.

    2. Madonna Merchant says:

      I was dx with RA 5 yrs ago, however, my Rheumy has determined I’ve had this since a teenager…ie: Juvenile RA that went undiagnosed. She determined this through piles of blood work and the fact my disease was so far advanced at such a young age. What a lot of people on the outside of RA don’t realize, this disease is an auto immune disease and doesn’t just affect our joints…it affects tendons, ligaments and organs. Case in point, I have a condition called nutcracker esophagus and gastroparesis…RA is now affecting my gastrointestinal system, the pain when this flares is unbelievable…without going in to all the ins and outs of this…I really just wanted to remind people that RA is not merely a disease of the joints, it’s a disease of the whole body…and you never know what or where it will affect next…be kind to yourselves out there…because sometime you have to be your own warrior with no army to back you up <3

    3. Jamie Paske says:

      I wonder at times if I’m opiate intolerant. They don’t seem to help the pain. I just had surgery for a ruptured tendon in my foot due to RA/RD. I had to stop orencia and prednisone for the surgery. Now my hands, shoulders, wrists… are flaring. The oxycodon did nothing for the pain. I have had norco, vicodin, and tramadol and nothing seems to help. I wish I knew of another pain med to try.
      I get really frustrated with rheumatologists that won’t give out pain meds (other than tramadol) because they are being monitored. I have to get my DO to help me. Don’t understand why someone managing a disease with chronic pain won’t help manage the pain. They say see a pain management doc but the last thing you want during a flare is another doc visit.
      People need quality of life!

    4. eMaxHealth says:

      But don’t opioids impair people’s mental abilities?

    5. Rozie says:

      I was treated like a criminal at the pharmacy when filling my opioid script , this was hurtful and demoralizing in a way I didn’t expect. I literally cried later that day. We have so much to fight for already–just in hopes of some sense of normalcy.

    6. Grace says:

      I am not a patient with RA but I have been following this topic and I have seen a marked change in treatment for pain. I have had increasingly frequent trips to the ER followed by week long stays in the hospital due to bowel obstructions caused from scar tissue after ovarian cancer surgeries. On my last two events (separated by three months) there was an insulting deliberation over whether or not I should be given pain meds (Dilaudid) after a few doses. I was astonished and enraged to have a doctor mansplain the epidemic of pain med abuse and suggest that bags of liquid Tylenol may be suitable for the excruciating pain which, at the same time, could save me from spiraling me into a life of drug addiction. Thankfully, my family was there to advocate for me. This is misguided and scary. Patients in pain today are tomorrow’s drug addicted social miscreants? Dangerous and wrong thinking.

    7. Blake says:

      does anybody how i could get steriod injection on my elbow for my elbow bursitis around Los Angeles, CA area and for free maybe? Ive tried going to urgent care but they won’t help me because its RA and for rheumatologist i have to wait for an appointment plus authorization

    8. Brad says:

      I was diagnosed with RA 4 years ago and recently CPPD. I have been using opioids just to maintain living half way normally. I have so much joint pain from RA and I also have degenerative discs in L1-5 and C2,3,5,7. I’m on my second rheumatologist and since the start of RA from the beginning I am on my 3rd biologic. Enbrel first then Cimzia, and now acterma infusions for the past 5 months and no relief at all. I take prednisone, methotrexate injections and minocycoline currently with the actemra and have been on plaquenil and Azathioprine in the past and have had no relief at all. I currently use tramadol, Norco as well as diazapam for leg spasms. The Dr’s, especially my primary keep wanting to cut my doses and I keep making a plea not to, I think they are more worried about their licenses instead of patient needs. I take only as directed and don’t abuse my drugs but like I tell them since the actors,singers people in the spotlight etc.. overdose is no reason to cut my pain medications. I’m tired of pain and fatigue and I get somewhat vocal when they try to cut my medication. I have been looking for some correspondence with other people that are in the same boat as I am to see what they do for relief other than drugs and see which drugs have worked for them. My Rheumy tells me if this next infusion of actemra doesn’t work that he’s going to try orencia on me. that will be my 4th biologic, I hope something starts working soon.

    9. Ladonna says:

      Hi I need help I’ve been diagnosed with stenosis
      Disk disease also arthritis in my hip sciatica been to several pain management doctors they all stigmatize you as a dope head I just what quality of life which means not laying in bed all day in pain I’m currently taking norco 10 325 not working like it used to I guess with age condition got worse had surgery two years ago on spine eased some of the sciatica I was taking morphine which now I realize it helped but stopped when the pain doc attacked me told me taking to much medicine I’m tired of this I’m fighting depression pain doctors I need a doctor that understands my condition I’m not proud to take the meds my only option I live in Tulsa okla any suggestions what I need to to desperate for help thanks

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