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  • Frozen: Ice Pack Princess

    An ice pack is a necessary accessory for people with rheumatoid disease. Gel ice packs can reduce pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Not Actual Size – Rheumatoid Disease Is Not as Advertised

    Sometimes my #rheum disease and my silly sense of humor get all twisted together into a goofball smoothie. Anyone who’s spent time with me can attest to my devotion to silliness. I’ve been daydreaming about how food ads remind me of RD. I hope you’ll enjoy a little humorous diversion. Laughter makes a great defense […]

  • Rheumatoid Awareness: Judgmental Eye Rolls Versus Help & Compassion

    Treated like you’re fine when you’re not A comment this week by Lisa sums up one of the most important reasons we need awareness for Rheumatoid Disease, and one of the hardest to explain to others. “RD awareness would mean that I wouldn’t be treated like I am fine when I am not. It would […]

  • Wearing Caped Superman Socks! Accepting Limits & Still Trying Hard

    Superman socks and the to-do list Am I the only one who tries her heart out and falls far short day to day? Something tells me no. There’s a lot of pressure to get things done right now. And more things to do than time or strength to do them. Every morning I wonder which […]

  • Dear Warriors and Friends

    The past three years are positively beyond anything I could have imagined. Do you have a moment? When I started blogging, I had dreams of this website. But it could take forever to learn enough about “code” to manage it… We’ll save the rest for another day, but do you realize has at least […]

  • Laura’s CVS Commercial with Kelly’s CVS and the “a” Word

    Once upon a time, a family switched insurance companies. Mother went to Target to pickup groceries methotrexate with a $10 coupon. When she went to the counter to pay, the insurance had “denied” coverage for the medicine. In the age of cell phones, mother figured she could cure this problem in a moment right there […]

  • Failed Experiment: Methotrexate & Over the Counter Folic Acid

    When I met my first rheumatologist, I left with a handful of prescriptions. One for folic acid. Really? Did I need a prescription for a vitamin? Doc said “to make sure it’s enough, yes, it’s a lot more than a daily allowance.” I already knew why over the counter supplements (OTC) are not considered as reliably […]

  • Mission Impossible: Crowd Management with RA

    Whether you take mass transit, work at a crowded office, or attend conferences like I have recently, managing in a crowd with RA is challenge. This may be one more mission impossible, should we choose to accept it… It’s hard to explain RA to anyone who hasn’t lived it. Have you ever had a sprained ankle […]

  • Dear Healthcare Facility: We Love This But We Hate That

    None of us love a needle stick, but some technicians do it so well, you can hardly feel it. Last week, a woman took several vials of blood without even asking me to squeeze a damn rubber ball. It was the first time a nurse remembered I have RA and adjusted her procedure! Thank you! […]

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