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  • Fears of Social Media: a Pre-Halloween Boogie Man Post

    I’m hoping this happy little post might help anyone who is on the fence about blogging or using other forms of internet 2.0 (meaning “interactive websites”) to communicate about healthcare. This article is part of an Advisory Board essay that I contributed to the Mayo Clinic Center for Social media to be used in a […]

  • “Fine Thanks, and You?” and 5 More Stupid Things I Say

    1) “Do you want your rubber duck?” The favorite rubber duck has a squeaker which lets water in. Squeezing the water out of that duck brings severe hand pain. Not quite as much as the softer Thomas squeaker toys. (And water also hides in the duck so it has to be squeezed for two days.) […]

  • RA is Tricksy: Wandering by The Two Towers

    I hope you enjoy this little guest post from Dana. Her imagination wanders in a way that’s similar to some other fun trips we’ve taken with Goldilocks, the Princess and the Pea, and others. Please visit Dana’s blog; she’s been a great ally to our effort here for a long time and significant voice of […]

  • Elephant Jokes for a Happy Two Year Birthday RA Warrior

    One reason I love elephants is they remind me of my goal: To become extremely old and gray and much wrinkled, like a good elephant. As you read this, I’m hopefully finding a rheumatologist to help me do that. Elephant jokes to celebrate. Why don’t African elephants like to play cards? Because of all the […]

  • Airport, Storms, and DMV: April Fool’s!

    April Fool’s Day held a surprise party by coming one day early this year for Katie Beth and me. We both fell asleep on our laptops last night without getting any work done. This morning, I see that before she fell asleep, she posted her Facebook status: “This day was UNREAL. Somebody wake me up. I […]

  • My Birthday Cards to Make You Smile

    By the time I go to sleep it will be my birthday. It is a strange occasion. Just about five years ago, my whole life changed when occasional RA flares became a full-blown disease. Like many of you: not very many people in my life knew what Rheumatoid Arthritis is. Most of them still don’t. […]

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Dancing Santa

    Dancing Santa sings “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” I know that it is, and I hope this makes you smile. There is a special year-in-review post on its way, but here is a little Christmas card from me. The other day in the bakery outlet, I had to capture the moment with my […]

  • Should Chronic Pain Patients Be Treated in the ER?

    What happens when a chronic pain patient goes to the ER? In the video below, A Chronic Pain Patient in the ER, a chronic pain patient is presented as either untruthful or mentally unstable. I’m not even sure which. However, the point of the video and many of the comments is that chronic pain patients […]

  • Having a Cuppa Together: a Rheumatoid Arthritis Meme

    What’s this Rheumatoid Arthritis meme about? This is the first meme on Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior. It’s just a set of questions that we each answer. If you’re wondering more about what a meme is, here is a good explanation I found on a site called The Daily Meme. This RA meme is about the things […]

  • Comparisons with Chronic Illness

    Humorous look at pointless comparisons with chronic illness. Kirsten Wiig and Liza Minnelli, in a SNL Penelope skit, demonstrate how silly comparisons are.

  • Looking at a Rheumatoid Arthritis Flare Up with a Smile

    See what a Rheumatoid Arthritis flare up plus a little creativity can produce! There was a treat in my email box last night.  Young freelance writer Brooke Windsor wrote up this clever verse about her Rheumatoid Arthritis flare. It gives cool meaning to “grin and bear it.” Brooke’s writing touched me and made me smile and […]

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