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8 New RA onset stories

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We’ve just added eight more stories to our RA onset story pages. Even with all of the stories and emails that I’ve read from people with RA, several hundred I’m sure, these new ones affected me. I laughed, cried, nodded knowingly, and was even surprised a few times by something new.

Some common themes in the stories:

  • Years without knowing what’s wrong.
  • Waking up with something new hurting every day.
  • Not mentioning how bad it hurts because no one understands.
  • Surprised to be so suddenly disabled after being so strong and healthy.
  • Family members with RA.
  • Medications working differently in each person or not working at all.
  • Days or months passing by and not being able to move.
  • Compassion for others who are suffering.
  • Being determined to overcome the pain, to live your life.

Each RA onset story helps

Every story has its uniqueness. I even read for the first time about an onset of RA that is exactly like what is described in textbooks. However, together the stories also provide a clearer picture of RA. I am convinced that our own voices, telling our own stories is the only way that the reality of RA can be known. When the depiction of RA onset is more accurate, then diagnosis will be easier to obtain.

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