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    1. As I’ve often commented on Facebook I keep myself in the fight by doing all I can every day. I sometimes get depressed, like when I can’t put my socks and shoes on by myself. But I try to even though the pain and stiffness stops me in my tracks. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t.

      My wife would do it every time if I let her, but that’s not fair to her either. So I try every time.

      I walk every day I can. Some days I can get over 5,000 steps. Other days I can’t break 500. but I keep trying.

      I cook our meals every day. Even when my hands feel like I stuck em under the broiler, and my heels hurt so much I can’t stand still. Some days we eat out because I’m to wiped out to cook, or we have something I’ve cooked then frozen in advance knowing all to well that those “can’t” days do come.

      I have hobbies, like shooting competively. But I’ve had to do just benchrest matches because my RA won’t let me assume the typical positions required by almost all other NRA matches. I was hoping to shoot some prone “lying on your belly” matches, but my lombar spine and neck NO! So I shoot from the bench. I win too! :-)

      I do our laundry even though I have to devote most of the day to it, and I don’t fold! If they want it folded they can fold it themselves. But I wash and dry.

      I do the food shopping, if I have to cook it I want to know what I’m cooking! I don’t want to spend the whole day in the kitchen hurting. so I cook nutrishus meals that don’t require long preparation. I don’t bake bread anymore because it hurts to much. Loretta is the family baker, and she’s real good at it. I just wish she would clean up after herself. My son has the same problem.

      What I’m saying is RA is bad, it’s a train wreck, it’s a monster pot hole you have to hit to understand it. It’s sitting here at 3:10 am writing to you all because I hurt to much to sleep! But at 6:00 am I’ll be cooking my son’s breakfast and packing his lunch like I do every day.

      Why! You might ask. Because my love for him and his mother is stronger than the RA!

      I’m MARINE, we never quit especially when it hurts.

      • Romona Smith says:

        You GO, Roger!! Wish my husband could do half of those chores but it’s not gonna happen. Hang in there. RA IS bad, but life is good.

    2. I don’t like the term ‘RA Warrior’ I am not a hero and don’t want to be. I wanted to be treated normal as much as possible but still respected and understood. To be treated normal is a big enough pleasure and praise as it means I’m not limping to day or their not staring at my walk so today’s going to be a good day!

      I also thought that the name Rhumatoid Arthritis no longer existed due to other posts and it’s no Arthritis Disease?

      • Lisa, I’m sorry you don’t like it. I’m just a woman fighting for her life & doing her best to let God use this for good. Please feel free to not visit if you don’t like to.
        I don’t have much choice in my name anyway. My parents named me Kelly “Warrior” when I was born (Gaelic – we’re Irish).

      • Romona Smith says:

        It really doesn’t matter what you call yourself. I know how you’re feeling. Most people don’t know I have RA. I like to keep it that way. The less attention I draw to myself, the better. But Kelly, She’s OUT THERE!! Plugging along for all of us. I might not be a warrior, but Kelly IS! She deserves the title, and anyone who has RA can share it.

        • thanks Romona. I don’t talk about either unless I’m asked to come and give a speech. If you click on the link in Lisa’s name, you’ll see on her website she is “out there” and selling “$xtra Cash 4 U” and some other things I don’t quite understand.

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    4. Romona Smith says:

      This may not belong here but the information is important. We all know the disservice Woman”s Day did to the plight of the RA patient. Well the current issue of Family Circle has just as stupid a remark as the other mag. In an article about OA, they have a tiny little blurb which reads “physical therapy can also relieve RA, which may cause joints to lock up if you don’t maintain flexibliity.” May cause? STUPID!!! If they don’t know ANYTHING about RA, SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, just had to get this off my chest. Love and soft hugs to all of you.

    5. Christine Fura says:

      Thank you Kelly for all the hard work that you do! I cope with my RA by doing what I can on a given day and if I over did it I pay the piper the next, which is being in the dreadful bed! I try not to push it to the limit because I have miniature horses that I really enjoy driving and if I overdue with something else that is less time that I can enjoy being with them, and they are my salvation along with our lord and savior, but I would be telling false truths if I said they come second! Thanks again for this blog, you’re the greatest!

    6. Sally says:

      Thank you for this topic. I find inspiration when we share this journey with those who face RA; the positives and the negatives.

      Lately I find the most inspiration when reading about the constructive action people are taking to confront this disease rather than just reading a litany of complaints. I believe we are called to have a positive impact on the lives of others. Please don’t misread what I’m saying. I know we MUST vent our emotions, as arthritic critic says if we bottle up our emotions it can make us sick. I know that if I am mired in emotion, I have to release it before I can see clearly and act positively. So, I do see value in venting our emotional reaction to the disease with a BALANCE of sharing the positive actions we can take.

    7. Mrs Apple says:

      Dear Kelly just wanted to give you a shout out. You do great work and because of you I have learned a lot about this disease. I hope God gives you the strength to continue doing what you do. Thank you for letting me know I am not alone.

    8. Lisa says:

      Kelly my apologies… I didn’t realise that ‘Warrior’ was your name, I didn’t mean to offend. How rude of me, I thought it was a suggested title. Also in someone else’s comment they said in a round about way if you wanted to be a Warrior’, then why not…. You know I agree with this too However it was just me and what I’m about that I personally am uncomfortable with it & I feel others may feel the same and to use it as a title it could be a little ambiguous but that’s not even the case so ho hum :/.

      And my last statement was also just a question as it all gets quite politically correct and confusing?

      Last of all there is no putting anyone down nor judging in fact commendations on getting it out there & recognised, it’s so much hard work & one hell of a task.

      Also I only put my site in the field as I thought we had to enter seething… As you’ve probably noticed I’m still working on it so it was’t to show it off nor brag & the extra cash thing is trying to do just that when you have a family & often inabled. Just trying to be pro active so don’t judg!

      My comments where statements & questions!

    9. Lisa says:

      P.s I think this was also probably all under someone’s topic maybe not in the appropriate area. Feel free to move them. That’s what you get when you work from a small screen on an iPhone.

      Sorry again!

    10. Meliann says:

      Wow. I am slowly reading through everyone’s blogs, and Sonya, you got things off to great start, your blog is beautifully written. I am enjoying everyone’s stories and appreciate that so many took the time to write down and then share their thoughts and ideas. Thanks to all.

    11. Annette says:

      Kelly, you do come up with good topics for the blog carnival. That’s a big plus. And it’s a great way for all of us to find interesting bloggers that we might not see otherwise.

      • I love the posts Annette. But I think the best part might be what you said – doing it together & getting to know new people or a new side of someone. Loved Marti’s empty rice pudding image! And you! are so creative. I’m always impressed.

    12. @NeatPenny says:

      rawarrior We all have ways of coping with RD (RA).

    13. Kris says:

      I will not let RA win-period. I have no choice and I have to constantly pull myself off my ‘pity train’ but I’m pulling none the less. Saturday I went to a social gathering for a musical that I choreographed. I had just turned 51 and I got all dolled up and looked hot so said my hubby. Anyway, when I walked in folks that new of my RA dropped their jaws in shock and commented how great I looked. One person that I had not seen since I was diagnosed 6 months ago made a comment like “oh good to see you , you look great, I’m so glad that you are out of the woods and over this.” I smiled like a fox, ready for that moment because I knew someone would say that. I held my head up and said “over it? I’ll never be over it–I actually have just come out of a flare.” The she said “well what do you have again?” and when I told her she asked if it was like regular arthritis. I love educating others about RA, so that’s when I go into my autoimmune speech and how I take Methotrexate and Prednisone which right now is helping me even though I get the Big D and my hair is shedding like a dog and she said but “you won’t have to take that for long right?” I smiled and said “oh for the rest of my life unless it begins to fail then I get to move on to stronger meds, etc” I told her there is no cure and it’s a chronic, disabling disease. By the time I finished with her she had tears in her eyes and said “I had no idea.” I gave her a hug and told her that that’s the problem, not enough people know what this disease is and can do-children have it and it can kill. I told her “that’s why I am looking my best right now. I just celebrated 51 years of life on this earth and I don’t know what my future leaves but it probably won’t be pretty and certainly not easy. That’s why I am fighting and trying to not let it win.” She hugged me and told me to “never give up.”

    14. RArainbow says:

      So many great and inspiring posts! Thank you for putting this together Kelly. All the best to you!

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    16. Julie Kurszewski says:

      I had a blog for this that I gave you but I don’t see it. The others are great though! but I thought mine was pretty good too. haha did I not make the cut? =)Thanks for everyone else who wrote about this. They are very inspirational.

      • I’m sorry, but I’ve have never gotten an email from your address. And all blogs that were posted in the comments page of the carnival announcement post were also added to the carnival.

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