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    1. Tracey says:


      Thanks for putting together this vast array of blogs and comments. The more I read about others’ experience with RA the more I realise how different the disease is for each individual and how similar our experiences are!

      If I had a dollar for every ‘wonder drug’ or ‘cure’ for arthritis I’ve heard in the last 12 years I’d be a millionaire!

      My first rheumatologist told me in a letter he wrote to me after my first consult that if I tried to cut out all the foods people told me were the ’cause’ of my RA I’d die of starvation, because there qouldn’t be any food group I could eat! It seems he’d heard it all before too!

      And yet, when I eventually decided to check-out some homeopathic supplements I found something that made a great deal of difference to me. I know it doesn’t work for everyone, so I’m very wary about telling people about it, I don’t want to sound like all those ‘quacks’ out there who think they’ve found the holy grail of RA cures!

      The best advice is, as per one of your quoted comments – Be informed, educate yourself and make your own decision.



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    3. Ronda says:

      I love these blog carnivals,fantastic blogs, thank you all so much!
      Now looking for the cotton candy booth…:)

    4. Jules says:

      Just wanted to note- apparently there was a problem with my template and it was too dark to read. I don’t know what happened but I changed it so it’s easier on the eyes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.

    5. Seeking Truth says:

      I came searching for a balanced discussion on the issue of conventional Rheumatology treatments, but must admit to being somewhat disappointed…the objective of this post/thread seems to be to promote the status quo as far as treatment options go, with little attention given to the substantial risks and dangers associated with many of these drugs.

      Consider the facts – morbidity rates with RA have vastly increased since the development of many of these ‘wonder drugs’. Big Pharma has an enormous influence on the medical community, a fact which should never be underestimated. We, the consumers, need to demand more objectivity from our health care providers when considering the efficacy, safety profile – even overall quality of life – supposedly offered by many of these treatments.

      There is emerging evidence that medical reviews on new drugs are frequently distorted so as to present these in a favourable light and downplay risks and failure rates. Why? Because there are significant perks in cooperating with pharmaceutical companies. (see the documentary ‘Big Bucks Big Pharma’)

      For this reason, we urgently need to take another look at the direction RA research is headed and demand more transparency from pharmaceutical companies and health care providers. Until there are better, safer treatment options out there, we should respect the objections of those of who are reluctant to follow the status quo.

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    Comments (9)

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