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    1. Karla Richardson says:

      Thank you. Ordered mine. ?

    2. Kimberly Mallow says:

      Hi, I love the awareness ribbon pin. I told my husband about RD Awareness Day coming up and he asked me if we had a ribbon – now I can say yes! ☺ Please make them available in Canada as soon as you can and then let us know. I’m not an Amazon shopper but I will become one to get the pin. ?

    3. Rachael Wheeler says:

      Hi I’m over in the UK and worldwide to get hold of a few pins if possible please. Thanks

    4. Stacy says:

      Thank you for sharing this, I ordered mine and it shipped today!

    5. Hello! I would love for the blog I share with my dearest friend to be included. I wrote this post in the wee hours today, though most of our posts focus on this topic!

    The Post

    Comments (5)

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