Rheumatoid Arthritis Doctors’ Interviews

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If kissing turns frogs into princes, what about heaters and RA doctors?

Frog on glassA friend of mine held a job interview yesterday. She did not hire him. It didn’t sound like he really wanted to be her doctor anyway.

It reminded me of this frog picture from last summer. If princesses have to kiss frogs until they find a prince, what do patients have to do to find a quality RA doctor?

There are all kinds of Rheumatoid Arthritis doctors…

Perhaps you’ve met the RA doctor who never looks you in the eye, Doctor Laptop. Maybe you know Dr. Dolittle, the RA doctor who seems to care very little and do even less to treat you as a person.

There was this Nurse Secret Agent. She slipped into the room quickly as soon as Dr. Dolittle was out of sight. She whispered to us not to tell the doctor her secret. She pulled a bent-up laminated sheet out of her shirt.

“Don’t tell him I’m doing this. His patients don’t get help with those medicines. This is a natural cure for the condition. Don’t let him see this.”

Rheumatoid Arthritis doctors and dressing for success

What a surprise last year when I met Doc Space Heater, a rheumatologist.

It was a whole day event. My son loaded my medical records and films into the ‘Burban.  My hair got the blow out I can manage a couple of times a month. I put on a suit and made the long ride to interview Doc Heater.

That morning, Doc Space Heater’s nurse had a run-in with the microwave that led to a little fire in the break room. To clear the smoke from the office, the manager turned the air conditioning on full blast. By the time we arrived, it was about 50 degrees in the office.

After an hour, a nurse placed us in an exam room which was even colder. She explained about the fire, asked me to undress, and handed over a large paper napkin to use to cover myself. Of course I had planned to conduct the interview in my suit. Aren’t you supposed to dress for success?

Twenty minutes later, the nurse brought in a small heater to warm up the tiny room. We thanked her warmly – considering we were shivering.

Forty-five minutes after I took off my suit, Doc Space opened the door. Doc picked up the space heater off the floor and threw it across the room into a wall. The interview went downhill from there. Definitely akin to kissing a frog.

Moral to the story: Sometimes, you have to laugh to keep from crying. Other times, it takes distance of time before things can be funny. The sooner you can laugh the better. Think of it as a harmless revenge.

Postblog: Of course I know there are good doctors, too. I often mention the “good GP”  and my great new rheumy doc. This is a true story about looking for a new doctor.

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