Rheumatoid Arthritis Medicine and Christmas Cookies

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Orencia dose

Holiday Plan of a hysterical woman:

  1. Wednesday: Get Orencia IV. Experience immediate miracle.
  2. Thursday: Go Christmas shopping all day.
  3. Friday: Decorate the house & put up the Christmas tree. Stay up all night to make lots of homemade gifts.
  4. Saturday: Mail the gifts. Write Christmas cards. Make cookie dough.
  5. Sunday: Bake cookies & decorate. Deliver to friends.
  6. Monday: Wrap all the presents. Buy the Christmas groceries.
  7. Rest of week: Watch White Christmas & relax with family.

RA and a Reality check

I got sideswiped yesterday by my own caution… I didn’t want to wait any longer for my second Orencia IV infusion. I scheduled it for today. But there was one problem. I hadn’t taken the methotrexate in three weeks because of a chest cold.

I know that the methotrexate can help protect me from developing antibodies against the Orencia. It is about time for some Rheumatoid Arthritis medicine success around here. I feel like I’ve lost enough time to RA. So, I am sure to follow the guidelines…

I know the Orencia won’t really put up my Christmas tree. Or bake us some Christmas cookies. But, I cannot help hoping it will make a difference…

Anyway, yesterday my regular methotrexate shot made me sicker than usual since my body was no longer accustomed to it. I should have known that could happen. It would have been wise to decrease the dose for my first shot. I learned that lesson.

But I never seem to learn the other one. I still catch myself making these crazy plans – thinking I can do it all somehow. I hope laughing at me will make you smile.

Note: My first ever “chest cold,” mentioned in this post, was actually a bronchitis side effect of Orencia. Read more about Orencia and cough here.

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