Rheumatoid Arthritis Problems, Anyone?

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Two kinds of rheumatoid arthritis problems

There are two kinds of rheumatoid arthritis problems. There are the ones caused directly by the disease—like fatigue, pain, or weakness. And then there are the problems that are caused by those—like not being able to play tennis or break dance anymore—or being chronically late. (Anyone else dealing with RA time?)

I don’t know which ones are worse—and I don’t have time to think about it…

The problem with rheumatoid arthritis problems

Many of you read my email letters, so you already know why it’s been months since I’ve finished a blog post. (If you don’t get those emails—like the letter I sent yesterday, then just click here—you’ll be the first to know too.) Anyway, the secret is out now: My book has been published—finally!

I don’t know if anyone will ever know what a miracle it is to have it done at all—even this many years behind schedule. Do you ever do things that are JUST SO HARD for you now—even though no one else knows it? This second kind of rheumatoid arthritis problem is hidden—just like most of RA / RD. And, we’re often dealing with both kinds, rolled into an ugly mess.

Do you ever have rheumatoid arthritis problems like these?

Rheumatoid arthritis problems bookSometimes, I feel like RA / RD makes me seem incompetent. I don’t want to have to explain why I can’t get things done, why I can’t get there on time, why I don’t seem to keep it together. And some people will just have to wonder why—because I don’t have time to explain anyway.

My best solution is to do what we think is important, even if we do it in an unconventional way—whether it’s write a book or recover a chair. And we need a supportive community. Here’s what I wrote about that in the preface to the book: “In our RA Warrior community, we helped each other find ways to still be ourselves despite what the disease had stolen…”

The book launch is a perfect example. I’m not able to do it “the right” way. Each step is just what I can do. Everything else falls apart when I try harder to finish something. And that’s ok.

A key for the 2nd type of rheumatoid arthritis problems

This is it: Let’s not be too hard on ourselves. A harsh disease is enough. There’s no such thing as trying to measure up with RA /RD. If you go read that letter, you’ll know a little of how much you’ve meant to me.

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rheumatoid arthritis problems book
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