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    1. Terry Mills says:

      Diagnosed with RD about a year ago, but now think that I have had this disease a lot longer. Not doing well with handling all the issues and would welcome finding some RA group support here in Tucson. Thanks.

    2. Tina Atchison says:

      Is there a Houston support group? I was diagnosed with RA last year and would love to talk to folks that are local. Thanks.

    3. Chyrisse Smith says:

      Hi! Does anyone live in or around Athens, GA? I am looking for a support group or someone to talk to. I’m even open to starting one because there is nothing like it where I live, especially for the younger adults. I am 27 years old and was diagnosed with RA 8 years ago, among other health problems. Just wanted to know so I could get together with others, grab a cup of coffee and talk! Thanks!

    4. Hunter says:

      Any musicians with ra in Denver

    5. Karen says:

      Hello. I was just diagnosed with RA a few weeks ago but have been having symptoms for 15+ years. I’m looking for a support group in the Antelope Valley in California. Thank you.

    6. Heather Murphy says:

      I’m in Mt Sterling KY East of Lexington. Anybody close?

    7. jennifer says:

      Ive had Ra since 2001 and now fibromyalgia . I would like to find a group, but theres nothing in Ohio. I live close to Cleveland. Rite now I cant even find any Dr to Help me! Ive been in the Er, hospital, back in Er. Im to the point I cant walk, cause of fluid in my knees + swelling! Yet no1 will see me or take my insurance! Been outta wrk a month. Not seeing much hope

    8. Casey Griffin says:

      For those struggling with RA and Fibromyalgia like I am, support@ is outstanding! Be blessed!

    9. Shelly says:


      Where are Long Island (suffolk county) groups ?

    10. Yvette Gaither says:

      Hey. I was told today I have RA. I live in Statesville NC, 40 miles north of Charlotte. I would appreciate connecting with a member near me.

    11. Donna Gould says:

      There are no support groups in Michigan?Im new to this,I think the more awareness the better,and support groups are important.

    12. Tanya says:

      anyone near Germantown, WI?

    13. Grace Miller says:

      I’m looking for a support. I live in Somerset, New Jersey. I been suffering for RA over 30 yrs.

    14. Eileen Ghidella says:

      I am in the city of Orange, California. Are there any support groups in my area? I was diagnosed with RA last November and would love to join a group :)

    15. Audrey says:

      I’m in the Army and was diagnosed in Jan 2016. I live in Chesterfield, VA are there any groups in this area? Email address

    16. Nicole says:

      Can someone help me get in touch with the Sacramento CA support group?

    17. Patricia says:

      Hi, I am looking for a support group in central NJ area. I was diagnosed in 2014 and lately I been feeling helpless and hopeless. I would a support group as I feel so isolated.


    18. ms.pat says:

      Hi am looking for someone in Hawthorne c.a. Thanks

    19. Leisa says:

      Hi Kelly! Is there someone running the Central Florida area now that you’ve moved? I’m in Orlando.

    20. Jennifer says:

      Looking for someone in San Antonio Texas area?

    21. Deb says:

      Hello..Im looking for a RA group in pontiac Il.or within the area 30 to 45 mins from pontiac Il. if anyone Has one or knows of one please contact me at Thanks

    22. Nancy says:

      I live in Aiken, SC and would like to meet people who understand and can handle RA friends.

    23. Marilyn says:

      I have had RA since 2011 would like to chat with someone near Memphis, TN, Olive Branch, MS and any survival of 25 or 30 year or more. Please email me at

    24. Sabra says:

      Anyone besides me in the Richmond, VA area have RA?lol I have very unsuccessfully been looking for a support group. If your in this area PLEASE give me a shout!!! If I don’t find one soon, I’ll be starting one up!! Thanks

    25. Macel Patterson says:

      I would like to find others in my area that have RA to meet with

    26. Jolie B. says:

      I’m in Brick, New Jersey. I was finally diagnosed in August 2016, but had been showing signs for a while before that. However they were misdiagnosed as being part of other things without further testing. With all of the other health issues I’m going through, I’m unable to work anymore. They started me out on hydroxychloroquine which is now not working so well. So I have no idea where they’ll go next on the treatment since I’m on Medicaid and they have to do things in a very set order to have the treatment paid for.

      In my searching, I see the nearest support group is up north in Bergen County. That’s way out of my ability to get to because I’m disabled and have no vehicle. Since I’m still fighting for my disability with the SSA, I don’t have access to all the assistive programs yet. :-/ If nothing else, I’d like to find an online support group where I can chat with others and get tips on how to make certain tasks less problematic and that sort of thing.

      I can be contacted through the following:
      My Facebook-
      My email-

    27. Carol says:

      I would like to find a support group near me to talk about this horrible disease.

    28. Susan says:

      Any groups near Kerrville, Texas?

    29. Gina says:

      Would love to find/start a group in Poughkeepsie NY

    30. EZ says:

      just recently found this site. Thanks so much for the great info! I was diagnosed with RA approx. 1 year ago (2015). I’m looking for a support group in Norhtern NJ or New York City.
      I didn’t see any on the list here.
      Thanks so much!

    31. Tracey says:

      I have found this website extremely helpful. I have been struggling for the last seven years to get answers to my ongoing symptoms. Dr’s don’t seem to want to diagnose due to no RF factor. I have convinced my family doctor for a referral to a different rhumatologist….the appointment is not until July 2017. would love to speak to others near me for support.My husband of 25 years is an amazing support but he cannot understand, although he tries :) I am 42 and have officially retired from my healthcare job almost 2 years now due to pain ect. I live in Kitchener, Ontario

    32. Dennis R. Nagan says:

      How do I start a local support group? I’m in Appleton, WI. Have had severe systemic RA for over 7 years.

    33. Heather Donohue says:

      I am looking for a support group in the Rochester, NY area. I have RA and felty’s syndrome. I have looked around but can’t find a group any help would be great.

    34. Robert says:

      Tracey, I have just happened upon this site and read your post. Your story sounds familiar. I was initially diagnosed with RA but that didn’t hold up due to no RF factor. I was then diagnosed with Lupus, but that didn’t hold up either. Nearly 20 years later, my new Rheumatologist asked if I had any itchy patches of skin-I did. Other symptoms were evaluated, leading to a diagnosis of Psoriatic Arthritis and Osteoarthritis (with some other complications). Not to say you have that diagnosis, but to encourage you and your family to not give up seeking answers. It took awhile for me, but I finally got some peace of mind, and an explanation for some things which had troubled me for years (decades). I do not live in your area but wish you and your family well.

    35. Rachel says:

      I am somewhat new to the Denver area (Golden). I would love to meet up with some fellow RA sufferers. I am almost 30 and was diagnosed at 24.

    36. Tere says:

      Hi I’m 35 rite now I been diagnosed with r.a since 2007 and I have no luck finding a gd doctor or support group out here in nj I’m a mom of 4 and it’s hard to explain to everyone what I have can people assume it’s regular arthritis and it’s not I can even do what I use to and just cause I look young and health it’s not true in far from that I would love to have people to talk to about this, I’m in nj where it’s way to cold for me out here i can barely move my ra is beginning to be to much for me

    37. Sheila Dyck says:

      I am just wondering how many people have tried Simponi? I have been on Humira, Enbrel and Remicade infusions and am still on Methotrexate and Plaquenil, folic acid and Tramadol. I start Simponi as soon as insurance approves me.

    38. Tiffany Potter says:


      I am newly diagnosed with RA. I am looking for information, and to learn if there is a support group in my area. I live near the Cape in Massachusetts.


    39. ginette dolberg says:

      I have RA for 10 or so years, I have bad days still pretty functionl. I live in grand prairie, Arlington area Texas, would like to join other warriors for excange info about how there cooping. Thank you. Ginette Dolberg.

    40. Justine says:

      Hi there! I’m looking for a RA support group in the Philadelphia, PA area, anyone know of one? I was diagnosed a year ago and the mental anguish never seems to get any easier..

    41. Chris Schreiber says:

      Looking to connect with people in Ct ( close to Milford ) any RA Warrior here?

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