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    1. Robert Blunk says:

      I have R.D.I have been so tired that I don’t feel like doing anything.I quit drinking beer about hoping that I would feel beater.
      That was five months ago.I feel worse.So tired and worn out all the time.I am afraid to start drinking again because of the med’s that I am on.
      Don’t know what to do. My doctor says it will take some time.I am 63 years old,I don’t think I have much time.
      Need some help,Please
      Thank You

    2. Christina Marie says:

      I’m looking for an RA Support Group in Richmond, VA area. Anybody out there? I’m 31 and diagnosed this year.

    3. Julianne says:

      I’ve had RA roughly for 10 years, lupus for 14, and fibromyalgia for about 7-8 years. I have tried Plaquenil for my lupus for 14 years, Methotrexate on and off due to hair loss for my RA, and Arava for my RA for the last 3 years. I am on Pristiq for my fibromyaglia. I have also been on opioids for the 5-6 years for the pain due to RA and Lupus, rarely but also for my fibromyalgia. I have told my RA doctor that methotrexate is not helping me! They thought combined with Arava it might then help. It does not. I do not work, but married with 2 kids, 13 autistic and 18. If I am out for half a day shopping, site seeing when family visits or running errands for 1/2 day, I then pay for it the rest of the day and usually the day after. Having to take it easy, staying off my feet, since now I have RA in my ankles, knees, and hip, along with my beginning RA that started in my upper extremities. I’ve been living life like this for at least 5 years. And my RA keeps speading and getting worse. This is not living life. I’m no longer active, thus gaining weight. I need a better medicine for my RA. I would love to hear from others that take other meds. for RA other than methotrexate and Arava please, so I can suggest them to my doctor. I look forward to hearing for some of you that have suffered or/and still are, with meds that help them! I also take several over the counter things that are suppose to help joints. Nothing has helped me. I’ve done gluten free for my lupus. I’ve just recently read that a paleo (I think it’s spelled) diet is suppose to help people living with autoimmune diseases. Anyone one heard of that??
      I live in the Waco, TX area. I would love to find a support group with RA or even any other of my autoimmune issues!
      Thank you, Julianne

    4. Diane Holmes says:

      I am in Asheville, NC. Was just diagnosed yesterday. Would really love someone to talk with about this who has “Been there, done that”. Thanks!

    5. Arlene says:

      Re Support Groups:
      I’ve sent several emails to the contact person in Largo FL (Carol) over the past 6 months and have never received a reply.
      How up to date is your support group list?

    6. Elizabeth Kingman says:

      I am (desperately) searching for an RA support group in the Tucson, AZ area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Few local resources available.

    7. Maribeth Schaefer says:

      I am interested in finding a support group in Wisconsin. Preferably in Washington County. Hopefully, others are already meeting. Thanks.

    8. Dorie Schultz says:

      I am searching for a support group for RA or chronic pain in my area. I live in Ozaukee county, Mequon, Wisconsin and I haven’t been able to find any support groups anywhere near me. Any suggestions

    9. Patty says:

      Does anyone know of any support groups in the Cleveland Ohio area?
      Thank you,

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    Comments (998)

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