Rheumatoid Arthritis Therapy: Is That What Blogs Do?

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Is an RA blog just cute stories?

Okay some folks have been asking me about how Orencia is helping me. So, I’ll give an update today on my Orencia Rheumatoid Arthritis therapy. Uh-oh, were they just being polite?

Can I say something else first? I’m really uncomfortable blogging about my own RA, so it’s not front and center on this blog. I can always tell someone’s lying when they say, “Oh, I’ve read your blog.” And then it’s followed by: “It’s a nice journal of your RA stories.” Um …no.

Yes, there are some stories in the RA Onset Story project and a few interviews of those who have RA or another form of autoimmune arthritis and a few updates of my own RA. But, don’t you agree that’s not the main point? Last night, I thought about this as I was trying to explain to someone what the point of this community is.

What is the point? Are blogs a kind of RA therapy?

It might be clear if I tell you about my day. Early in the morning, I finished up the post on the new RA drug Tasocitinib and the ORAL trials. Then, I checked my Twitter. A friend had already sent me three tweets about this article saying that RA is the emotional problem of troubled women who can’t express their anger properly. I wish I could see the look on the faces of tough guys like Terry and Dan when they read that!

Several emails.  Attempted some laundry. There are about 20 joints flaring, so I didn’t get very far. Read several stories to my Roo. Dropped off my daughter for a ride to her tennis match since I could not handle the drive. Typed about 10 words a minute with my big fat finger and screaming wrists and elbows to work on my Mall Map to help the newly diagnosed with RA figure out which end is up. Fixed peanut butter and jelly for dinner.

Are you still with me? The end’s in sight. My day ended with another link someone sent me, a strong contrast from the one I read in the morning. It is a New York Times story about how folks with chronic illnesses help one another through online communities. It’s a great article. Their conclusion: these “sites are used to share information from the front lines.”

If sharing information is Rheumatoid Arthritis therapy, count me in

Even our stories have a point.  Isn’t sharing information the point of online communities? Is it obvious from my typical day why I write this blog? This disease has disabled me, so I know what it can do. I feel like I have to do something to fight “on the front lines” against this disease. Meanwhile, it is tough to describe the amount of courage that this community has given to me.

Did I remember to talk about how I’m doing on Orencia? Never mind, you probably get the idea it’s not helping enough.

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