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4 Responses to “Safe Acetaminophen Dosage with Chronic Pain”

    1. Jim Logajan says:

      I would like to suggest that anyone taking acetaminophen or methotrexate consider also taking Resveratrol because the latter has shown to protect the liver in studies on rodents. A search of Google (or Google Scholar) for the keywords “reserveratrol acetaminophen” yields links to article abstracts such as:

      Keywords “reserveratrol methotrexate” yielded, among others, these papers:

      It seems resveratrol is generally protective of the liver, as indicated by this study which fed rats a liver toxin, carbon tetrachloride, and found it helped protect the rat livers:

    2. Catherine says:

      It’s funny because I prefer Ibropuen and find it works better except for Excedrin migraine which really helps my headaches. I am very careful and tend to only take pain meds when absolutely necessary which basically means I’m always in pain.

    3. Marla Nolan says:

      Kelly, its safer to limit to 2g or 2000mg.. I have taken MTX for 28 years and the only increase in liver enzymes I’ve had was when I took 4000mg. Went off and the came back down. Now I limit and no problems.

    4. Deborah Kelly says:

      Tylenol has zero effect on my pain.

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