Stand Together


How do we stand together?

The next installment of the same hearing about Roo’s health and well-being is Friday. I’m not able to share details, but the decisions before the court are crucial for my son. As I write this update to you, it feels like the Friday the 13th movie series. Is there really one more? Weren’t the past ones bad enough to last?

More than enough, definitely.

Stand together practically

Stand TogetherTrue, I teach Roo homeschool, wash his clothes, fix healthy meals, and manage his health problems and the effects of everything we’ve been through. I keep him involved with friends, youth group, and extracurricular activities. And I do all of the other things a disabled single parent has to do. At the same time, it has also been like a part-time job to respond to this stressful legal case for the last two and a half years.

Mostly, I face all of this alone, day to day. But that’s just how it feels. Others actually stand together with me.

A recent experience inspired me.

On a Sunday morning, I stood at the communion rail between my pastor’s wife and my dear sweet eleven-year old friend, her granddaughter. Of course, most people kneel, but I can’t kneel; and that’s fine. Suddenly someone appeared next to me. It was my pastor standing between his kneeling wife and me. It seemed normal enough.

And stand together in spirit

A couple of days later, I learned the extraordinary backstory.

When I had been standing at the rail, the pastor said he felt God telling him, “Go stand with Kelly.” So he got up and stood. Later on, his wife reminded him about our hearing for Roo. My pastor told us, “Then I knew what God meant – that I should go with you and stand with you, Kelly.”

He does come with us to every court hearing.

We stand together

In fighting rheumatoid disease, it’s too much to stand alone. We need to stand together for support and advice, and so we don’t feel crazy. It helps us live with increasing disability and pain, and the misjudgment that comes from a lack of awareness about RD.In fighting rheumatoid disease, it’s too much to stand alone. We need to stand together Click To Tweet

In the legal case, we have made it this far because of friends and family that have stood with us, helping pay legal costs, keeping Roo happy during many long hearing days, and sustaining us with prayers and encouragement.

I hate being in this position, but I believe I’ve only done what I have had to do for my son. If you are able to help with legal costs, please make a donation to my Uncle Sam’s Go Fund Me page. If you pray, please pray for us. Please also share the donation link with friends on social media or through your email.

No one wants this to be over more than I do. There are so many other ways I want to spend my time and energy to stand together with you.

Note on the Go Fund Me page to stand together for this case

Every penny has been spent directly to pay legal costs for this case. There are outstanding debts for the case at this time, so please donate whenever you are able and please keep sharing the Go Fund Me link:

Thank you to the many, many of you who have already helped.

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