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    1. Rhian says:

      I can appreciate the standing MRI and definately understand it. In my case, wow, there is no way I could handle that. I can’t stand unassisted at all so the thought of it is scary.

      However those that are able to handle it, I really hope it will help and get some more accurate answers for people!

    2. Marge says:

      Another great technical review. Thanks, Kelly. I hope my new rheumy is willing to go forward with further visualization, such as MSUS, since I am always seronegative & the xrays don’t show much & it’s been 3 years of pain & I don’t want to be told of the wonders of extra strength acetaminophen. Again.

      • Becky Smith says:

        Marge, I am sero-negative as well. I was diagnosed by ultrasound so hopefully your new doctor will be willing to go another route than what has been tried with you so far.

        And if it were me, I’d tell them no thanks on the acetaminophen, you’re protecting your liver so when they finally do come to the conclusion that you have RAD, you can move forward with treatment!

    3. Paul Rogan says:

      The standing MRI will be able to assist many people, but it is not without its flaws. As someone else pointed out, there are those who cannot stand unassisted for very long.

      Great technical review!

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    Comments (4)

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