Surprise… Happy Mother’s Day!

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Today the blog is hijacked!

Just kidding! This is Katie Beth, Kelly’s daughter. We, meaning my sister and brothers and I, thought this post would be a fun surprise for our mom. The Young Kids

Mary Khris: We love you Momma! You always give your all and you never give up. Your hard work and positive attitude has been a continuing inspiration to me. Your gift of time in teaching, instructing, encouraging, and playing with my siblings and me has meant so much. Motherhood is no easy task, but not only do you do it well, you make it look easy! I know that whenever I need you, you will be there, because you always are.

When you got RA, I was sad, but didn’t know what to expect. But even as the struggle with RA has gotten harder, you continue to find ways to be a mom and teacher. Even while I’ve been at college, you have sent me care packages and supported me. Something I really admire you for is how you didn’t let RA win. When you got sick with rheumatoid arthritis, you used it as an opportunity to help other people and now are making a difference in lives, worldwide. My mom is pretty cool 😉 love, MaryKhristyne

Katie Beth: One thing you may know about my mother is that she never gives up. As an American girl, Susan B. Anthony is one of my heroes. She never gave up fighting her fight no matter what anyone else thought about it. She never hesitated to take up any opportunity to advance her cause. My mom is just like Susan. I am so proud of her. Happy Mother’s Day Momma! <3 I love you SO much, Katie Beth

Nicholas: You are the best Mom ever! You encourage me through my school, You drive me to and fro, You sew all my Boy Scout patches wherever I want even though it hurts you so much, but none of those compares to one of your hugs. I love the best mom ever!

Daniel: I love you because you are patient, loving and true. You know when to help and when to set me straight. You are understanding, wise, and kind. You are the best in the world and no one equals. Love, Daniel

Roo: I love you very much, Mommy. My Mommy loves me and is nice and fair. She says yes or no when I need it or not. She helps me a lot when I need it. My mommy is always there to give me the last love of the day. My Mommy is awesome. Love Roo

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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