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  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Problems, Anyone?

    Rheumatoid arthritis problems include musculoskeletal and constitutional symptoms, plus extra-articular disease, plus problems caused by those symptoms.

  • Stand Together

    In fighting rheumatoid disease, we need to stand together for support and advice to deal with increasing disability and pain, and the lack of RD awareness.

  • New Rheumatoid Arthritis T-shirt Store

    Rheumatoid arthritis t-shirt store with designs to gently advocate for those with chronic illness like rheumatoid disease, lupus, MS, and fibromyalgia.

  • 3 Things That Control How Much #Rheum Can Steal from You

    Ever feel like Rheumatoid Disease is eating away at your life? Stealing abilities – even responsibilities – you enjoyed? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? Roo’s been asking this tongue twister / riddle lately: ”How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?” He enjoys saying it faster and faster. […]

  • Five Keys to a Thankful Heart

    Five steps to practicing a thankful heart despite trials or chronic illness, based on the classic poem Five Kernels of Corn.

  • Wearing Caped Superman Socks! Accepting Limits & Still Trying Hard

    Superman socks and the to-do list Am I the only one who tries her heart out and falls far short day to day? Something tells me no. There’s a lot of pressure to get things done right now. And more things to do than time or strength to do them. Every morning I wonder which […]

  • Use Your Words to Speak Life

    Happy Birthday Katie Beth! This week I was AWOL from the blog again – it was KB’s big 21. You already knew that (and some other big news) if you read the RAW newsletter The Spear – click here to sign up if you didn’t get one. And make sure to check your spam if […]

  • Pace Yourself: Guilt-free Pay-to-Play

    It’s Roo’s birthday! Already! My goals include making a simple M&M cake with no complicated writing although I used to spend hours with a frosting bag even for Valentine’s cookies. Roo’s doing great with school subjects and Cub Scouts and playmates. He’s funny and smart, with a mind of his own. Other parents may know […]

  • Relax: Survival Mode and Our Intrinsic Value

    The past few weeks have been full of chaos and minor crises. Not enough to stress me out, but enough to keep my days overfull with no strength left at the end to write – only sleep. I read last month of a study of mothers of more than three children1, that they are less […]

  • Don’t Give Up

    If it weren’t so debilitating, I’d be ok Maybe it’s the pain, but today I felt weary. Sara’s words resonated: “My doctor shrugged it off after the blood test. If the pain in my hands wasn’t so debilitating then I would be ok, but I’m still kind of worried.” The left side of my cervical […]

  • An Event Especially for Gathering Encouragement

    You’re not alone If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “You’re not alone” with this disease. So many of us share experiences. And yet, we hear frequently about the loneliness that Rheumatoid disease creates. Community is a tremendous remedy and it’s what brings many warriors here time after time. Hearing “you’re […]

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