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  • Not Actual Size – Rheumatoid Disease Is Not as Advertised

    Sometimes my #rheum disease and my silly sense of humor get all twisted together into a goofball smoothie. Anyone who’s spent time with me can attest to my devotion to silliness. I’ve been daydreaming about how food ads remind me of RD. I hope you’ll enjoy a little humorous diversion. Laughter makes a great defense […]

  • Twelve Days of Christmas with Rheumatoid Disease

    Twelve Days of Christmas & 12 annoying gifts from Rheumatoid disease I had to take pictures when I found this wrapping paper in a store to show my son Tiger who loves rap music. The words printed on the “Rapping Paper” are from Rapper’s Delight by Sugarhill Gang, the first hip-hop single to become a […]

  • Kim Kardashian, Magazines, & a Trendy Practice that Bugs Me

    One perk of having a blog is that you have a place to blow off steam sometimes. Remember when I got robbed and the thieves found their bliss at Target, who tried to pin the bill on me? I always say RAW is my front porch. Where we can just hang out. Or tell it […]

  • Painless Meme for Rheum Mates

    Often, I begin a presentation explaining “being an RA patient doesn’t define me.” Then, I share some things that do. Like being a mother of five amazing young people.  Growing up near D.C. and still loving all things Washington, especially the Redskins. Rainbows, rockets, and running on the beach. Bee Gees. Tobymac. Chicago. Margaret Becker. […]

  • Dear Warriors and Friends

    The past three years are positively beyond anything I could have imagined. Do you have a moment? When I started blogging, I had dreams of this website. But it could take forever to learn enough about “code” to manage it… We’ll save the rest for another day, but do you realize has at least […]

  • Dear Healthcare Facility: We Love This But We Hate That

    None of us love a needle stick, but some technicians do it so well, you can hardly feel it. Last week, a woman took several vials of blood without even asking me to squeeze a damn rubber ball. It was the first time a nurse remembered I have RA and adjusted her procedure! Thank you! […]

  • Fears of Social Media: a Pre-Halloween Boogie Man Post

    I’m hoping this happy little post might help anyone who is on the fence about blogging or using other forms of internet 2.0 (meaning “interactive websites”) to communicate about healthcare. This article is part of an Advisory Board essay that I contributed to the Mayo Clinic Center for Social media to be used in a […]

  • “Fine Thanks, and You?” and 5 More Stupid Things I Say

    1) “Do you want your rubber duck?” The favorite rubber duck has a squeaker which lets water in. Squeezing the water out of that duck brings severe hand pain. Not quite as much as the softer Thomas squeaker toys. (And water also hides in the duck so it has to be squeezed for two days.) […]

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