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  • Efficacy of Xeljanz, Biologics, & DMARDs in Rheumatoid Disease

    Why should I feel like I failed? I’m not alone We probably agree it’s unfair to say, “patients fail treatments” instead of the reverse, but there is still disappointment. I was optimistic that my Rheumatoid disease would respond to Xeljanz, the new oral DMARD (disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug) from Pfizer. Unfortunately, my joint stiffness and […]

  • New England Compounding Center and Beyond: Medications Warnings and Dangers

    When there are warnings of dangers related to medication, there is greater risk to chronic disease patients for two reasons: First, we may be more likely to use the drugs in question. And second, we are more vulnerable because we have a systemic illness. Several news reports over the past few weeks are especially relevant […]

  • The End of the Methotrexate Shortage, Thanks to Pfizer?

    Pfizer addresses U.S. methotrexate shortage that hurts RA patients Earlier this year the FDA approved an abbreviated new drug application, securing Pfizer’s right to sell injectable methotrexate in the U.S. Recently, Pfizer says they began shipping to customers. This move by Pfizer addresses an urgent shortage of methotrexate in the U.S. that has affected many […]

  • RA News: Pfizer Pill Beats Methotrexate, Alcohol Reduces RA Risk, Periodontal Disease High

    Pfizer oral JAK “superior” to methotrexate Pfizer released a statement about their two year study, ORAL Start, which puts their new oral JAK treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis directly up against methotrexate.  The oral medication, currently called tofacitinib, is taken twice daily in either 5 or 10 mg doses. “Tofacitinib was found to be superior to […]

  • Confusion & Blame Surround Methotrexate Shortages & Recalls

    U.S. caught off guard by methotrexate shortage Shortages of injectable methotrexate began in 2010 and some sources say may continue through 2014. Many have been surprised that shortages of such inexpensive generic drugs could take Americans by surprise and continue for such an indefinite period. Finger-pointing at the FDA and drug companies is probably the […]

  • Laura’s CVS Commercial with Kelly’s CVS and the “a” Word

    Once upon a time, a family switched insurance companies. Mother went to Target to pickup groceries methotrexate with a $10 coupon. When she went to the counter to pay, the insurance had “denied” coverage for the medicine. In the age of cell phones, mother figured she could cure this problem in a moment right there […]

  • Failed Experiment: Methotrexate & Over the Counter Folic Acid

    When I met my first rheumatologist, I left with a handful of prescriptions. One for folic acid. Really? Did I need a prescription for a vitamin? Doc said “to make sure it’s enough, yes, it’s a lot more than a daily allowance.” I already knew why over the counter supplements (OTC) are not considered as reliably […]

  • A Methotrexate Alternative for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

    This molecule has “the potential to further improve the most successful principle of folate inhibition in the treatment” of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Folate antagonism has been the foundation of treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis for almost two decades. Methotrexate is used to inhibit the proliferation of inflammatory cells, probably at least in part by folate antagonism. There […]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Rheumors: 2 Mysteries Solved

    I thought it was brilliant the other day when a commenter called RA “the ghost disease.” It’s true that many RA myths persist and that researchers don’t yet know exactly how Rheumatoid Arthritis works. Which joints can be affected? Is there a nutritional cure that we are overlooking?   Confusion about RA is perpetuated in […]

  • Perception, Reputation, & Information: How Do We Decide about Dangerous Drugs?

    Widespread mis-information on methotrexate In an article in The Rheumatologist, Dr. Bruce Cronstein writes about his frustration with misinformation online about methotrexate. He wonders aloud whether there is some intentional campaign against it. I guess many websites paint an ominous picture of the sunny yellow liquid – or pills – we love to hate. There […]

  • Unusual Methotrexate Side Effects

    Many patients take low enough doses of methotrexate that they don’t even have side effects… But, some strange methotrexate side effects are for real No one ever told me methotrexate could have side effects. I’m not complaining! I think that worked for me. I didn’t approach the treatment with fear. Don’t get me wrong – […]

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