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  • 5 Rheumatoid Arthritis – RA Flare Facts

    Discussion of critical facts related to RA flare, a cyclical pattern of disease activity experienced by some people with rheumatoid disease.

  • Facts and Information about Rheumatoid Arthritis

    <<Back to main media page. Reliable facts and information on Rheumatoid Arthritis are seldom presented in the media. Common myths are perpetuated, often as a result of hasty reporting or unreliable sources. It takes time to dig into high quality sources to find accurate information on Rheumatoid Disease; this section is intended to assist that […]

  • 7 Mistakes the Media Makes with Rheumatoid Arthritis

    << Go to more FACTS and INFO on Rheumatoid Arthritis Click here to print or save 7 Mistakes the Media Makes with RA.       1.  Not considering Rheumatoid Disease as a serious illness, viewing it as a type of arthritis. Rheumatoid Disease is a serious systemic immune disease that is similar to Type 1 […]

  • Hall of Shame: Awful Articles on Rheumatoid Disease

    << Go to more FACTS and INFO on Rheumatoid Arthritis Some of the worst articles on Rheumatoid Disease “RA back then was a terrible disease…”1 ◊  Consumer Reports’ absurd report on biologics.2,3 Read more. ◊  Infamous Woman’s Day Rheumatoid Arthritis article makes RA sound not quite as bad as the flu4 (with dozens of patient responses, […]

  • The Best Rheumatoid Arthritis News Story I’ve Ever Seen

    Click now to hear the news story as it aired February 4, 2013 on KPCC, the local NPR affiliate in South Central Los Angeles. Honest rheumatoid arthritis news story on NPR station Jose Martinez KPCC interview Jose Martinez, writer for OnCentral: Reporting on health and quality of life in South LA, first contacted me a […]

  • Patients Confront USA Today: More Media Mess on Rheumatoid Disease

    We fight the battle against Rheumatoid disease on several fronts including scientific research, improving clinical care, supporting patients and caregivers in their search for information and support, and creating general public awareness that will contribute to all of the above. Our main weapon has always been the truth. The logo is a spear – made […]

  • When Eventually Is Now: the Rheumatoid Time Warp

    Eventually. Eventually, this could cause trouble. Did you read many articles when you first started learning about Rheumatoid disease? I remember how it started to bug me that things the disease did suddenly were all supposed to not happen until “eventually.” It must be to be one of those favored misconceptions that the medical media […]

  • Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness: Sugar Coat Cookies Please, Not a Disease

    Why the sugar coating of Rheumatoid Arthritis in the media? Do you remember the insistence of Woman’s Day editors that patients were wrong and their article on Rheumatoid Arthritis was correct? The author later recanted, but the editor dug in repeatedly. That was three years ago and my first taste of the dogged commitment in […]

  • Kim Kardashian, Magazines, & a Trendy Practice that Bugs Me

    One perk of having a blog is that you have a place to blow off steam sometimes. Remember when I got robbed and the thieves found their bliss at Target, who tried to pin the bill on me? I always say RAW is my front porch. Where we can just hang out. Or tell it […]

  • Confusion & Blame Surround Methotrexate Shortages & Recalls

    U.S. caught off guard by methotrexate shortage Shortages of injectable methotrexate began in 2010 and some sources say may continue through 2014. Many have been surprised that shortages of such inexpensive generic drugs could take Americans by surprise and continue for such an indefinite period. Finger-pointing at the FDA and drug companies is probably the […]

  • Woman’s Day RA Is Destructive, but Phil & Venus Have Cred

    In 2009, I first encountered something I called “the PR problem” with RA. For three years, I’ve disagreed with Woman’s Day magazine over whether the Woman’s Day version of RA is correct. On the blog, we’ve had discussions about various other fallacious articles on RA (some listed below). WebMD magazine offered a similar article last winter […]

  • Mind-boggling! – Aftermath of Tofacitinib FDA Hearing Part 2

    After the FDA Arthritis Advisory Committee (AAC) hearing earlier this month for Pfizer’s new oral treatment for RA,  tofacitinib, we looked at the four distinct votes of the AAC and some of the ways the media responded to them. They ranged from serious to pitiful to laughable. But there’s more.     3 news bytes […]

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