The Life of a Professional Patient, Blog #4; Continuing to Fight Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Kelly at the lab

Obligatory warning: this post is about the author of this blog…

The author

This is the blog post that I didn’t want to write. For about half of those who read this today, this will be the first time you’ve visited the blog. To you: This is not a typical blog post. This blog is about fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis; it’s not about me.

I don’t want to write anything that sounds like complaining. No complaints. I am extremely grateful for most things. The rest I tolerate well.

First, I need to respond to folks who are asking about my own Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment. Although I began the Orencia via IV infusion last month, the rheumatologist told me to expect relief to take at least a couple of months. I was told that Orencia is a slower acting medicine.

The first three doses of Orencia are 2 weeks apart. Then, it is a monthly treatment. However, I have not had my second infusion because of a bad chest cold*. This was the sixth flu / cold in my house this fall. I have not been able to kick it.

The last time I had a severe bug like this, Humira and methotrexate shots were continued throughout. After six weeks, I was treated for pneumonia. So this time, I put my Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments on hold.

I’m coughing hard. It hurts the cervical spine RA (neck).  And since I’ve been off my methotrexate a couple of weeks, guess what else is back? Episodes of breathing difficulty due to Cricoarytenoid Arthritis. It’s a great combination.

The blog

The very first post on this Rheumatoid Arthritis blog was about patience, especially regarding delays in creating the website which I existed in my mind. Although it is still far from complete, Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior is that website.

It would be difficult to explain how grateful I have been for the readers of this blog. I’m so glad that I have been able to do what I have done so far. I’m not complaining…

Please understand that the blog does not have any staff but me. I work countless hours – gladly. Sometimes, it may take a couple of days to reply to an email or comment. Please contact me to remind me if I miss something important.

I have recently learned that there are some technical problems with the website. It may take a large amount of hours to repair. That could mean posting less frequently.

Behind the scenes

There is so much more to this story… here’s a little of it: I received several pieces of bad news one day last week. I could not stop the coughing. That was also the day that I learned of the technical changes needed for the blog. It all hit me so hard that I considered quitting.

However, numerous events that day assured me that I was on the right path. I wish I could share them all. I was amazed at how God showed me that I was doing the right thing. Then, there were more tears.

Tiny example

Here is one tiny sample that I can share: I received a spam comment from a legitimate email address. Odd. So I sent an email to the woman who owns the address – a total stranger. It was a lark, but I thought maybe she’d like to know what was being done. We exchanged several emails. Turns out her mom had had RA. She took one look at the RA Warrior website and said, “Kelly, you are doing God’s work.”

NOTE: The “bad cold” actually turned out to be bronchitis as a side effect of the Orencia. Read more about the Orencia cough here.

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