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    1. Dee Johnson says:

      You inspire me, encourage me and hear me even when my thoughts areninly in my head because I’ve run out of people to try to explain what I’m going through. Thank you, God bless you and have a good three days. I pray for a pain free trip ( I know! But I’m asking God to give you what you need)!

    2. Ronda says:

      Love, love, love it Kelly! Thanks for the story, that was so good and how perfectly it fits together. I try to give my doc the benefit of the doubt and trust that he understands my RA, but at las he clearly does not. He likes to blame my pain on a central nervous system component, and not inflammation. I didn’t know my CNS could make my fever go up to 100?

      Wishing you a wonderful and safe trip to Mayo!

      • thanks!! we’re here now – i’m resting a few minutes in the hotel before dinner meeting – i’m so excited! & i love that we can still connect! let’s see if we can help these docs get it one day!!

    3. Ronda says:

      Yay Kelly, woot woot!! 😀

    The Post

    Comments (5)

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