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    1. Rose Britton says:

      Best care for my trigger finger has come from my family practice doc. HIs skills and knowledge are completely sufficient, and he takes a little more time, pays a little more attention than specialist such as an orthopedist, even though rheumatologist (excellent physician, this is not a complaint) seems concerned about PCP doing this work for me. I’ve had more in 2nd, 3rd, 4th fingers, on an off since early 1990’s — long before RA diagnosis circa 2003.

      Keyboard work was definitely an aggravating factor to most occurrences. Family doctor is nearer to my home and more accessible and less costly than specialist for care.

    2. Tina says:

      So many crazy things with ra/rd I have had issues with my elbow it happened gradually and I must have adapted until I went and seen a new dr and he asked how long my arm had been contracted like that? My arm was parallel to my body and I had not even noticed. I responded really well to steroids and was able to reverse it. I hope u have the same luck.

    3. Pam says:

      Are you saying that the locked fists I wake up with many mornings is trigger finger?

      I was diagnosed with RD in 2008. During flares my hands are tightly balled fists when I wake up and it takes some work to get them loose and open. It feels as if the knuckles are locked in place. I’ve mentioned this to my rheumy before and they didn’t seem to care much about it.

    4. Susan in AZ says:

      I have it in both thumbs, so far injections in both, 2 on my writing hand. I wear braces at night and during the day if they feel like they are ‘acting up’. I have 3 different sets of braces for my hands/wrists – for differing occasions of pain levels. It gets old in a hurry, for sure.

    5. Ginger senior says:

      I got the official RA/RD diagnosis April 21, 2014.. just 3 years ago! So fairly new to all of this!! I did have a trigger finger before that and thankfully it cleared on its on.. however I still have that achey feeling at the base of that finger and worry it will start up again!!
      So many things to be concerned about and nobody to talk to!!
      God bless you for all you are doing!!
      Without you out there, where would the RA/RD Community be!!!
      Take care of yourself and Roo!!!
      Been praying for you all!!!
      Ginger in Ky❤️

    6. Mischelle says:

      What a timely article for me as my left palm is full of corded knots. The rheumatologist refused to inject my hand this week stating that the structure is so tight that if he pierced it with a needle to inject it could tear the tendon resulting a emergent surgery vs. the planned surgery he wants me to have. I also have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands. I am going to bypass my scardy-cat Rheumatologist and see my ortho for injection evaluation. I do not make a good surgical patient due to diabetes.

    7. Kathy says:

      This topic is so timely for me! I spent 2015 with trigger finger and had no idea what to do! I saw the primary and had X-rays and said that it was due to arthritis, gave me a NSAID. Done…In 2016, an NP suggested that I see a Rheumatologist (pos ACCP). The rheumatologist said that it was due to arthritis. Yesterday, my new Rheumatologist said, “oh that’s trigger finger”. By the way, he spent two hours with me and is re-evaluating me for RA. I was diagnosed last year but want a second opinion after my experiences with Dr. Do-little, I I . This is my favorite site and it has helped me cope! Thank you!

    8. Deborah Kelly says:

      My left hand was in a fist complicated by ulnar drift. I had four joint replacements. The results are not perfect, but the pain was diminished.

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    Comments (8)

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