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    1. Turtlemom says:

      Kelly – just a word of warning. The Georgia Congress Center is about 10 ACRES of space. It is HUGE! Please make arrangements for a motorized scooter to use there during the ACR meeting. This will be a life-saver for you. I know. I live in the Atlanta area, and I attend meetings at the GCC about every 2 or 4 years for the International Woodworking Conference. Each time we went I would just “fade out” and my joints would be so sore, swollen and stiff after about 1/2 day. Last time, we rented motorized scooters. WOW! I got to go to every meeting and every exhibit I wanted to see! What a difference!

      So, after reading about you fading out and being in horrible pain just going to the grocery, I strongly encourage you to “bite the bullet” and rent a scooter. I can’t come up with the entire cost for the entire time, but I’m sending in a Paypal contribution earmarked for that scooter.


      • Elizabeth, I’m thinking about it, but my shoulders & wrists are the reason I don’t use scooters at stores. I can’t hold my arms out like that. I did use wheelchairs in airports this week so I’m wondering if I can rent a wheelchair for “as needed” use. This is a big issue for me since I want to speak face to face w/ docs. But I guess they also need to see the reality of RA. I can only “fake it” for a short time & I do go down, whereever I am. I think ACR is only using 2 sections of GCC also my daughter is coming for assistance. It does all make me nervous. Like I said – a big deal.

    2. Jamie Wood says:

      I just joined Twitter to be on the cutting edge of RA awareness.

    3. Tammy says:

      I have the hardest time navigating these sites sometimes. I’m a send me a link kinda gal. Could you possibly put up links to the chat areas or message boards? Otherswise, others will have to lead me by finding me. Doesn’t sound like brain fog now does it. Hugs to all. Tammy

      • Tammy, you did great finding the comments pages here on the blog so I know you can do it. (There’s a link to the comments page at the bottom of every post.) Here in this post, there are links to the Facebook & the Twitter pages in the post – they are blue colored & underlined. Just click on them and a window will open & you’ll be there. You might have to fill out a short page to join if you haven’t been there before. I or others will be glad to show you around there. On Twitter, if you follow me then I can find you back. Here’s my Twitter link again: . Let me know if you can’t get there.

    4. Kim says:

      I need twitter 101 class….lol

      • It is easier than you think. But if anyone joins & just asks for help there, I’ll be glad to explain things & introduce you around. Folks there are so helpful. At least the ones I follow are. 😀

    5. Great idea! All the best!
      Wish all the support from my side!

    The Post

    Comments (10)

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