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    1. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter: @WEGOHealth Chronic Pain Webinar & Warrior Hoodie Winner #fun 😀 cc: @wegoamanda @abeeliever […]

    2. Never been more supportive of a function in my life. But that’s cause I have chronic pain (vested interest). I would like to see the Chronic Pain community develop a twibbon for the cause. Any recommendations or suggestions? Also, we need a national spokesperson advocate for the cause. Kelly would be ideal, but can she manage two Advocacy groups?

    3. For those interested in the webinar – if you’re not already a member of WEGO Health, the link will say that the event is full. IT IS NOT FULL however! Please, come and join us!!

    4. Kim says:

      All registered for the WEGO!!

    5. Amy K says:

      Hi Kelly!
      I’m really honored to be a part of the upcoming webinar and I look forward to learning from you and Julia as we all share! Just wanted to let you know how lucky I feel to know you.

      • Amy, it has been so good to get to meet you over the phone & it was much easier to think of doing this when I realized you were on board. So, I know it will be “fun” even though what brings us together is not.

    The Post

    Comments (7)

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