Will the Next Frontier Be Rituxan?

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2011 Fireworks at Red, Hot, and BoomI spent a couple of hours tonight searching for a Rituxan blog post I wrote a couple of weeks ago. Finally, I figured out there’s only one way to make it come out of hiding – write it over again. (Murphy always lurks, but we can outsmart him.)

Working my way toward Rituxan

Kelly and Roo waiting for fireworks over Interstate 4You know that life we all want back? Well, mine always included fireworks. So this year, I spent about a week convincing myself (and the kids) that we could make the little trip to watch the city fireworks from the bridge the way we used to. The adventure includes a couple of blocks of walking, but it’s not rushed and Bear could carry my Redskins chair.

Following tradition, we made it to the fireworks on the 3rd! It’s an awesome plan because it makes for a very relaxed July 4th at home.

The sky and heavens are always a significant to me. I’m always looking up. And a large percentage of the photos in my cameras have always been skyward.

So, you guessed it! I decided we should have a Space Shuttle launch adventure too. I didn’t want just watch the last Space Shuttle launch from our front yard. Actually since we’ve lived in the area over 14 years, we’ve seen launches from lots of interesting places! But we’d never gone to Titusville to stand directly across the river from the launch pad. With the tourists.

So we did!

Kelly at last Space Shuttle launch

Thanks to my family who made it as easy as possible for me on Friday, the 8th. And let my hurt knees and hips rest all weekend.

You can see better photos of the last Space Shuttle launch in a special Facebook album.

Wondering whether Rituxan will be my next weapon

Of course, I’m not giving up on the idea that my miracle might still come someday. The two rheumatologists that have treated my RA both refused to use Rituxan as a treatment. So, it was not an option for me. The reason some rheum docs don’t use Rituxan is that it is linked to PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy), a rare, deadly brain disease. The incidences are extremely rare, but I guess some doctors think any risk is too high.

So when I call rheumatologists, it’s now one of the questions I’m asking: “Does the doctor prescribe Rituxan?” I know Rituxan is not magical. It works for some and not for others. It’s just the one big gun that I haven’t shot at my RA yet. And I’d like a shot at it.

Please share your Rituxan experiences on the comments page.

More on PML and medications like Rituxan

My friend Lisa Emrich has done some research on PML. So, if you need more info on this, you should start here at this link to her blog where PML and Rituxan are discussed.

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