Frequently Asked Questions

General use of this site

  • Can I copy your text or images onto my website? Although this has been done frequently, it is a violation of U.S. federal copyright laws. All of the material on this site is copyrighted and labeled as such. Quoting this site should be done properly by spelling my name correctly and linking to the page that is quoted.
  • Why won’t you review or post my product or website or book? This site does not use reviews to generate revenue because I’ve chosen to maintain full editorial control. There will never be any monetary influence upon my writing. 
  • Can I be a guest blogger? Maybe. We’ve had several patients or doctors write posts and I encourage you so send me your ideas via email. Please be patient. 
  • How can I get a little photo for my avatar? The rawarrior site uses Gravatars you easily upload! Click here.
  • Where is your Blogroll? I have not participated in link exchanges. However, meaningful links are used in several natural ways: I quote other sites’ in posts with appropriate links, people who submit onset stories or RA Kitchen recipes are linked to, blog carnival submissions are linked, and comments are linked to the commenter’s site.
  • Why do you talk about football, NASA, and God? I write as the person I am. Maybe it is part of the allure of that I don’t have to remove who I am from what I write.

Where is it?

  • Extensive information for the newly diagnosed? Use the RA Map!
  • What’s Kelly’s email address? Type my first name @ rawarrior. com.
  • How can I submit an onset story? That’s all explained on the main RA Story page.
  • How can I see all the posts? All blog posts can be seen on the new Archives Page – click here. (Or SEE ALL on the top menu.) It’s easy to click Expand All and see every title. Then, you can also search the titles with “control Find” after they are open. I do this several times a day to find something for a reader.
  • What’s the Tag’s List for? All posts are carefully tagged. Clicking on a topic in the Tags list will bring you a list of articles on this site which discuss the particular topic.
  • Where’s the disclaimer? Disclaimer link is in the footer at the bottom of every page.
  • I want to get a t-shirt but I don’t see the one I want. The t-shirt store carries the products that they choose. I create our items by creating designs and matching them with t-shirts, etc. that are available, but you can often choose to place my design on other items or sizes. If you have a special need for a design or style that you cannot find, please email me and I’ll create it for you if I can. Please be patient.
  • Do you have a factsheet about RA that I can print? YES – click here.
  • A little button to put on a blog or website to spread the simple facts on RA? Great idea!
  • Why do you call us “warriors”? Read about the name: Warrior

Common problems

  • I don’t know how to comment. Below every Blog Post and many of the Menu Pages, there is a box. Type in the box. Your email is required but no one can see it except me. There’s no need for your last name if you don’t want to use it.
  • Why didn’t my comment show up? The comments are moderated which means that either me or one of my teenagers reads them before they are posted to check for spam or abusive speech. Every comment is posted as quickly as possible.
  • Why didn’t you answer a comment? I read every comment and reply to as many as possible. Please check back in a few hours. I also encourage readers to reply to one another in a supportive manner. New comments are highlighted in the Recent Comments box in the sidebar under “Join the Conversation.”
  • When I subscribed to comments, they weren’t sent to me. Be careful that you sign up to receive comment replies using an email address. If you sign in with Twitter, Facebook, or Google, then WordPress kicks it over to my email. I cannot access this to correct it for readers; I’ve spent a lot of time trying.
  • How do I follow you on Twitter? Get a free Twitter account. Click follow on my Twitter page. Write one Tweet to me by adding @rawarrior to a Tweet so I can see you and follow back right away.
  • Why does it take so long to answer my email or post my story? I get a lot of email. I have no staff. It’s a struggle to get enough sleep. If I could make the day longer, I’d probably work more; however, I’m learning to discipline myself to rest and play more. Responses are sometimes slower than I wish. (By the way, I have RA – typing is difficult.)
  • How can I email someone a post? There is a button you can use below every article. Just fill in the form.
  • Which medicine should I take? I cannot give medical advice for two reasons: I don’t know how and I’d get in trouble. Moreover, I believe that you should be the one to make this decision. There is a lot of information on this site that might help you with it.

Things people want Kelly to do

  • Can I use your name or logo to raise funds for my cause? No. I have not endorsed any group or organization and I do not want my name used to raise funds for groups of which I’m not a part.
  • Why haven’t you joined my Facebook group? I get a lot of requests to join groups and I did join some. However, when I join a group, it is not as the owner of this site, but as an individual. Joining lots of groups on Facebook exposes my personal profile and further erodes the privacy I have left.
  • Why haven’t you joined my Cause? I work full time on this cause. There are other good causes, but one person obviously cannot be effective in all of them. I believe I’m doing the best that I can with the resources God gives me.
  • Why haven’t you sponsored my walk or fundraiser? I do get a lot of requests. I’ve allowed them to be posted on the RAwarrior Facebook wall. But I have invested too much in this cause to spread myself any thinner.
  • Why don’t you try my RA cure? RA is not caused by any misbehavior or deficiency on the part of the patient. The exercise and diet plans that I’m often sent are not relevant to RA diagnosis or disease progression. Besides, my treatment decisions are my own.

Personal stuff:

  • You must not be very sick if you can blog every day… I’ve occasionally encountered versions of this question from the beginning. It doesn’t sound like an honest question to me. My health is not an open book, but everything that I’ve written on the blog is true and I stand by it.
  • How many kids do you have? Five. I am blessed that I had flares but no diagnosis for many years allowing me to raise my family for a while. I wouldn’t want to give any of them back.
  • What’s your favorite color? Red. And yellow. And brown. And blue. I have a very color-full life.
  • Why don’t you have a dog? I do miss my dog and I’m still an animal lover. Some people are upset that I don’t have another dog yet. Most days, I need help to care for myself and my five ten! year old.
  • What kind of degree do you have? Psychology.
  • How do you learn about what you write? I interview people and read. A lot. And readers send me articles: THANKS. And most of all, I listen to tens of thousands of patients and believe them.
  • Oh wait – I forgot pink!


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