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The Rheumatoid Arthritis Warrior website offers straightforward information and sincere encouragement to RA patients, their families, and caregivers. If you would like to reach the thousands of people who visit the site every month, consider purchasing ad space here on RA Warrior.

How do I buy an ad?

Please send me an email with your request. You should provide the following:

  • Your image
  • Your budget
  • Target URL for ad
  • Duration requested


  • Payment required before ad displays.
  • Payment is in USD. My email address is Kelly
  • Advertisements which are found to be offensive will not be accepted.


  • Advertising costs vary by size, location, content, and length of contract. Please feel free to send an example of the ad you would like to run with the amount you would like to spend and we can suggest ad locations and sizes.
  • Ad contracts are Fixed Cost ads, not CPC, CPA, or CPM. Since content of  ads may be closely related to content in articles, this helps protect the assurance of editorial neutrality.
  • Sometimes ads are supplemented by Google or other ad display services which use CPC or CPM ads randomly, based upon a page’s content. This site has no control over which ads are shown and editorial independence is maintained.
  • RA Warrior is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to
  • Occasional contests may be run for the benefit of readers or the general community. Details regarding donated prizes will be disclosed. Other prizes are donated by RA Warrior.


If you have suggestions for ads on this site, please contact me. Feel free to share the link to this page or recommend this site to others as a trustworthy website on which to advertise.

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