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Hall of Shame: Awful Articles on Rheumatoid Disease

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Some of the worst articles on Rheumatoid Disease

“RA back then was a terrible disease…”1

◊  Consumer Reports’ absurd report on biologics.2,3 Read more.

  Infamous Woman’s Day Rheumatoid Arthritis article makes RA sound not quite as bad as the flu4 (with dozens of patient responses, now deleted). Read more.

  CBS News calls Pfizer’s new JAK inhibitor, tofacitinib, a pain pill.5 Read more.

 Arthritis Foundation beachcomber cover story implies people with Rheumatoid Disease do not need medical treatment.6 Read more.

  ABC News’ preposterous article on the past 25 years of RA treatment by a MedPage Today senior editor.1,7 Read more.


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