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New Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments in the Research Pipeline

New RA Medications in Development

MORE INFORMATION ON CLINICAL TRIALS IN PROCESS: Listing by state of all clinical trials for Rheumatoid Arthritis in the US that are currently recruiting volunteers.

Abbreviations: IV (intravenous), sub-Q (subcutaneous injection), mAb (monoclonal antibody), IL (interleukin)
NOTE: Agents that stopped development or that did not report after trial completion are omitted. Listing is alphabetical by name of new agent.


Name of agent Clinical trial phase Class Manner of dosing Mode of action Developing entity Notes
ALX-0061 Phase 1 & 2 nanobody (single domain antibody) IV Targets IL-6 receptor purchased by AbbVie from Ablynx reengineered llama antibodies
Apremilast Phase 2 small molecule oral inhibition of phospho- diesterase type 4 (PDE4) Celgene Corporation inhibits numerous cytokines
AVL-292 Phase 1 small molecule oral inhibitor of Bruton's tyrosine kinase (Btk) Celgene Corporation may be studied for RA or other immune disease
Baricitinib (INCB028050 or LY3009104) Phase 3 small molecular compound oral JAK1/JAK2 inhibitor Eli Lilly
BMS-817399 Phase 2 oral CCR1 antagonist Bristol-Myers Squibb
BT-061 Phase 2 mAb sub-Q activating T-regulatory cells AbbVie & Biotest
CAM-3001 Phase 2 human mAb sub-Q chemokine receptor CCR1 antagonist MedImmune LLC rapid clinically significant responses in Phase 2
CCX354-C Phase 2 small molecule oral chemokine receptor CCR1 antagonist Chemo- Centryx
Cenplacel-L (PDA-001) Phase 2 human placenta-derived cells IV experimental Celgene Corp.
CF101 Phase 2 small molecule drug oral targets A3 adenosine receptor (A3AR) Can-Fite BioPharma novel anti-inflammatory agent
Clazakizumab (BMS-945429) Phase 2 aglycosylated humanized mAb oral blocks IL-6 Bristol-Myers Squibb investigational for cancer & anti-inflammatory
CT-P13 Phase3 mAb IV anti-TNF-alpha Celltrion results published at EULAR 2013 (biosimilar to infliximab)
Dekavil (F8-IL10) Phase 1 fused antibody oral reduce inflammation/ target IL-10 Pfizer & Philogen
GLPG0634 Phase 2 small molecule oral JAK 1 inhibitor AbbVie & Galapagos
GP2013 Phase2 & 3 monoclonal antibody IV targets B cells Sandoz biosimilar to rituximab
GSK315234 Phase 2 IV inhibit IL-6 Glaxo- SmithKline
golimumab (Simponi) Phase 3 mAb IV TNF-alpha inhibitor Janssen FDA approved for sub-Q
golimumab (Simponi) Phase 3 mAb sub-Q TNF-alpha inhibitor Janssen FDA approved for adults
Iguratimod (T-614) Phase 4 small molecule DMARD oral inhibit immunoglobulins & various cytokines Eisai Co. & Jiangsu Simcere (separate trials) approved in Japan
INCB039110 Phase 2a small molecule DMARD oral inhibit JAK 1 Incyte recruiting
Ixekizumab (LY2439821) Phase 2 humanized mAb sub-Q anti–IL-17 Eli Lilly
JNJ-40346527 Phase 2 small molecule oral FMS tyrosine kinase inhibitor Janssen
KB002/ 003 (anti-GM-CSF) Phase 2 Humaneered® mAb IV target & neutralize GM-CSF KaloBios
LX3305 (LX2931) Phase 2 small molecule oral inhibitor of sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase (S1P lyase) Lexicon
methotrexate subcutaneous auto-injection Phase 2 DMARD sub-Q anti-folate Anteres
MK-8457 Phase 2 small molecule oral inhibits spleen tyrosine kinase (syk) Merck
NN8209 (anti-C5aR-215 mAb) Phase 1 human mAb sub-Q anti-C5aR-215 Novo Nordisk
NN8209 (anti-C5aR-151) Phase 1 recombinant humanized mAb sub-Q anti-C5aR-151 Novo Nordisk
NN8226 (anti-IL-20) Phase 2 recombinant human mAb sub-Q anti-IL-20 Novo Nordisk
NN8828 (anti-IL-21) Phase 2 recombinant human mAb IV anti-IL-21 Novo Nordisk
NN8765 (anti-NKG2A) Phase 1 recombinant human mAb sub-Q anti-NKG2A Novo Nordisk
NNC0109-0012 Phase 2 monoclonal IgG antibody sub-Q neutralizes IL-20 Novo Nordisk
NU3450 (tranilast) Phase 2 bio-active lipid oral inhibition of mast cell activation Nuon Ther. approved as Rizaben for asthma & allergy
Ofatumumab (Arzerra) Phase 3 fully human mAb IV targets the CD20 surface antigen on B-cells Glaxo- SmithKline already FDA approved for chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Olokizumab (CDP6038) Phase 2 mAb sub-Q selectively blocks final assembly of IL-6 receptor signaling complex UCB UCB proposed to develop with partner
Otelixizumab (GSK2136525) Phase 1 mAb sub-Q anti-CD3 Glaxo- SmithKline
Ozoralizumab (ATN-103) Phase 2 nanobody-based mAb sub-Q anti-TNF-alpha Ablynx Pfizer was partner in Phase 2
Pateclizumab (MLTA3698A) Phase 2 humanized mAb sub-Q acts against LT-alpha Genentech
PF-04236921 Phase 1 mAb IV targets IL-6 Pfizer
PF-05230905 (ATN-192) Phase 2 nanobody IV or sub-Q anti-TNF-alpha Ablynx
PF-05280586 Phase 2 mAb IV targeted B-cell destruction Pfizer also being called “rituximab-Pfizer”
PF-06410293 Phase 1 mAb sub-Q anti-TNF-alpha Pfizer biosimilar to adalimumab
PF-06438179 Phase 1 mAb IV anti-TNF-alpha Pfizer biosimilar to infliximab
PRTX-100 (staphylococcal protein A) Phase 1 purified form of Staphylococcal Protein A IV bind to & regulate activation of B-cells & macrophages Protalex
SAN-300 (anti-VLA-1 antibody) Phase 2 humanized mAb sub-Q inhibits VLA-1(α1β1 integrin) Santarus
Sarilumab (SAR153191) (REGN88) Phase 2/3 fully-human mAb sub-Q targets IL-6 receptor Regeneron & Sanofi-Aventis
SBI-087 (PF-05230895) Phase 2 small molecule sub-Q bind to CD-20 to deplete B cells Emergent & Pfizer
Secukinumab (AIN457) Phase 2/3 fully human mAb IV & sub-Q inhibits IL-17 Novartis Pharm.
Sirukumab CNTO-136 Phase 3 human mAb sub-Q targets IL-6 Janssen & Glaxo- SmithKline
Tacrolimus (fujimycin) Phase 4 immune suppression oral reduces IL-2 production by T-cells Astellas
Ustekinumab (CNTO-1959 / Stelara) Phase 2 human mAb sub-Q directed against IL-12 & IL-23 Janssen
VX-509 Phase 2/3 small molecule oral selective Janus kinase 3 (JAK3) inhibitor Vertex Pharm.

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