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Surgery, Stories, and Feet amid Stubborn Rheumatoid Disease

One thing I wish every day is that everyone in the world could read the priceless emails from other warriors I receive every day. If everyone treating or researching this disease could read them, comprehension of the disease and care for it would improve. Family members could have greater understanding. Employers and friends could begin...Continue reading      35 Comments » Read more

Hey Superman! Does Accepting Limitations Make Us Weaker?

Katie Beth and I got in Monday night from a weekend with other warriors in Houston where I was able to speak about being an empowered patient. That immediately followed an e-Patient Boot Camp talk in Orlando with e-Patient Dave. Preparations and traveling drain so much time and energy that I haven’t been able to...Continue reading      17 Comments » Read more

Accomplishing Thankfulness via Thorough Commitment

The pieces to the puzzle of me are scattered across this blog. Elephants. Humor. Space exploration. Don Quixote. Determination. Eagles. Pollyanna. Pollyanna gets a bad rap It’s stunning to me how some things are construed as opposite of what they are. Somehow Pollyanna has become synonymous with sounding dismissive and detached. We all know people who dismiss...Continue reading      12 Comments » Read more

The Beginning of an RA Clinical Trial Journey

An RA clinical trial coordinator tests my talents I’ve always had some special talents. Like …making things look easy …making strangers smile ...keeping secrets. More superpowers? Sometimes, I can make everyone mad at once…with a clear conscience …and everyone’s best interest at heart. It’s not easy, but I manage. My most special skill? Just look at the genius...Continue reading      30 Comments » Read more

Perseverance in Fighting Rheumatoid Arthritis

What keeps you fighting? I tried to quit... At one point, I thought I would be fired as a professional patient. No such luck. I’ve also tried to quit Rheumatoid Arthritis. Maybe you remember my Eject Button. I tried to quit another chronic illness once. Maybe you read my ostrich jokes. I haven’t had a lot of...Continue reading      23 Comments » Read more

Hope for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Our regularly scheduled program will be interrupted for a message from our sponsor.* Ghost stories and hopelessness There is an old North American tale of friends sitting by the campfire. Telling ghost stories at twilight made them jumpy. They became anxious as a faint humming sound grew closer and louder. Screams of horror about bites of a...Continue reading      33 Comments » Read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Decisions

Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment decisions are PERSONal Yesterday, I was having a conversation with someone about which Rheumatoid Arthritis treatments she might quit and which ones she might continue. She was weighing options and I said what I always say: You learn as much as you can, and then you pray and choose. It’s really up to...Continue reading      35 Comments » Read more

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