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    1. rawarrior THE 1st RHEUMATOID DISEASE AWARENESS DAY FEB 2 2013 (Groundhog Day) is the day after GO RED 4 WOMEN (Heart Disease) #RHEUM

    2. rawarrior Great work w/this but think we should ask people to wear purple on that day…something anyone could do. Add that at top, maybe?

    3. Mary F says:

      Great news! Are you going to start selling the ribbon magnets for cars? I have an order for three if/when you do! I also think we should urge everyone to wear purple on Feb 2!

    4. Ms. M says:

      I believe purple is the color for Lupus, well established.

      My family celebrates Candlemas on Feb. 2nd, and it is a great time for new beginnings, and bringing things into the light.

    5. Vicky S says:

      Rheumatoid awareness day is long overdue, but I am so glad it is finally here!! Thank you Kelly for helping to make this happen! I get really tired of people not understanding what this disease is about and/or not caring. Rheumatoid disease has not only affected myself, but also my twin sister and we both have a severe form of the disease. I was very surprised to click on and see my sister and I right there on the opening page with the slogan “together we can do more” right above our heads.

      I also love the fact that our day is tied in with groundhog day and heart awareness month,

    6. Helen says:


      Thank you for the hard work that went into establishing February 2nd as Rheumatoid Awareness Day. I think I was struck most recently by the following blog post you quoted:
      and one patient’s story there:

      “Fifty percent of the bones in my feet are eroded. I wear custom shoes and inserts. Before my RA ruined my body completely I too spent 7 days a week exercising, hiking, climbing, camping, running, you name it I did it. I pushed myself to the point that narcotics could not kill the pain and still the doctors kept saying exercise, it’s good for you. I tore tendons and got bursitis and still they said exercise. I tried to reason with them, to explain what exercise now does to my body. They couldn’t “hear” me. Not one of my doctors had RA. In defeat I am ashamed to admit that now I lie to them to keep the peace. My mother had severe RA. She too was athletic. I recall her bitter indignation and frustration when the doctors told her to exercise more. She sat sobbing in the dark in her bedroom not even able to get around any longer. We are both slim and trim. The heck with the experts…”

      My hope and prayer is that by raising awareness, people will no longer be forced to hide their level of rheumatoid disease activity in shame and the fear that they will not be believed. I fully relate to the quote above. I’ve sent the press release about this 1st Rheumatoid Awareness Day to Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canada and the Premier of the province of British Columbia, Christy Clark. For those in the UK and other countries, please consider sending the press release to your government representatives as well as the media.

    7. Turtlemom3 says:

      Dear Kelly –

      Wanted to send you the link for my blog post about Rheumatoid Awareness Day!

      Also, our little support group may be restarting! Have 2 new people interested in attending in February! So Dianne and I will be hoping and praying that no “flares” occur then!

      OK, y’all, keep the faith, and keep the info flowing!


    8. Turtlemom3 says:

      Oh, yeah! I’m for getting purple ribbons with gold borders to wear, as magnets to put on cars, as bumper stickers, as graphics on calling cards – EVERYTHING!
      LOVE the Royal Purple shade!

    9. @aksnowbug says:

      rawarrior this is great! Thank you for all that you do!

    10. Joanne J says:

      I really prefer the term Rheumatoid Disease. I’m very tired of people telling me I’m too young to have arthritis (I’m 41)

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    12. […] For information on how to support Rheumatoid Awareness Day, visit You can also find more information in the announcement on RA Warrior here: […]

    13. Lori says:

      YES!!! Out of the shadows and into the light!!! We all need to feel the warmth on our tired sore bodies. *hugs* to everyone.

    14. rawarrior Congratulations. Thank you for the work you are doing. Lets hope we can bring some people to light about this disease. #rheum

    15. Cree says:

      Yay!! I will proudly be sporting indigo and gold on Feb. 2!!!

    16. […] awareness day will be on the same day as Groundhog day, to find out why see the story about the 1st Rheumatoid Disease Awareness Day on Groundhog’s day story on RA Warrior. I created an Rheumatoid Awareness Day groundhog graphic, see below and feel free to […]

    17. Janette Sands says:

      Happy RD Day!
      I’m too old now for doctors to say “you look too young and too healthy to be this sick!” But I am still on this earth with Rheumatoid Disease and still wake up not knowing what is in store for me.
      I concur with all my sisters and brothers above, I’ve tried most biologic’s, DMARDS and other treatments and still have no cure or remission.
      Thank you Kelly for all your effort, I’m blessed to share a disease with you, you Kelly are a true warrior.

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