A World Where No One Suffers from Rheumatoid Disease

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When you’re making any charitable donations, please remember the Rheumatoid Patient Foundation (RPF) is each of us helping all of us.

The RPF Vision: A world where no one suffers from Rheumatoid disease.

Finally we have an organization with the specific purpose of improving the lives of people with Rheumatoid disease. Much has been accomplished quickly over the past two years. However, there is so much work to be done on behalf of patients in many areas: identifying causes of Rheumatoid disease, facilitating earlier diagnosis, more effective treatments, treatments for the millions of non-responders, comprehensive clinical care, disability accommodations, and more. The RPF is dedicated to research, education, and advocacy related to all of these.

Walter Washingon Convention Center stairs

Sometimes it seems like we’re looking up at a path that to those us who live with the disease, would be insurmountable – like these stairs. And it’s true that the needs for patients with Rheumatoid disease are great because it is a vicious systemic disease that affects millions of people. Yet its processes are not adequately comprehended by science. And its effects are little recognized by society.

Devastating data

The lifetime risk of being diagnosed with Rheumatoid disease is 3.6% for women and 1.7% for men, according to Mayo Clinic. In the U.S., research is funded at an alarmingly low rate in comparison to similar diseases like Lupus or Multiple Sclerosis. One dollar is spent per Rheumatoid patient for every 12 dollars spent on comparable diseases. The mortality rate has not improved in decades because there has been little progress in comprehensive care for the multifaceted effects of the disease. Most articles published about the disease contain disturbing errors. Large studies show the rate of remission for Rheumatoid disease is only about six percent.

How can you make a difference right now? Do as much as you can!

Rheumatoid Patient Foundation volunteers on escalator

In reality, we do not face this battle alone!

We are not alone; we have built an incredible compassionate and informed community. We face these battles shoulder to shoulder with others who understand. There are many good people who are committed to our goals.


RPF volunteers on escalatorAnd we’re taking the escalator! Look how far we’ve come already!

A step back provides perspective. We are no longer standing at the bottom of those stairs. If we’ve accomplished this much in less than two years, imagine what the next years will bring.





Rheumatoid Patient Foundation Volunteers at ACR

Some of the most beautiful smiles in the world.

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